Monday, March 1, 2010

Psychic Robbie Thomas – Murder Victims are not Commodities

Unsolved Homicide of Karen Caughlin

I thought it time we spoke publicly regarding the topic of psychic Robbie Thomas. Many concerned friends have contacted me regarding the publicity forum Mr. Thomas is using to promote his upcoming Psychic Justice Tour, which contains information relating to his phantom involvement with Karen’s homicide investigation. I think Psychic Predator best describes how my family feels about Robbie Thomas. For the record, my sisters and I met with Robbie Thomas ONCE five years ago. It was after this one time visit that we decided, in the best interest of Karen, we would never again have anything to do with this man. Mr. Thomas asked if we would sign forms, so he could USE Karen in one of his books as he carefully outlined the matter of book proceeds. My sisters and I immediately made the watchful decision, that no one would ever use Karen to make money. As a result of this meeting, we have had nothing to do with Mr. Thomas, except when he took it upon himself to phone and harass a member of our family because of our decision. We want this man to stop exploiting our dead sister and the horrific manner in which her life was ended.

We know it is hard for people to understand why a family like ours would even consider going to a psychic. I can tell you, the degree of pain and suffering a family endures over an unsolved homicide has everything to do with why families seek this kind of unrealistic help. A family’s life-long torment can be blinding. We have learned there will always be psychic predators waiting in the wings ready to use our desperate situation for their own self-interests. My family takes full responsibility for seeking out Robbie Thomas but we had no idea at the time this would be Robbie Thomas’s ticket to maintain control over this aspect of our lives, as he continues to manipulate our situation to gain credibility with the public. He chooses not to question why our family has had no contact with him since 2005, as he continues to cling to a one-time meeting to justify his right to continue to use our sister’s murder for self-promotion. From our position, there is nothing lower in life than what this man is doing. We have proceeded in contacting the people who are sponsoring his tour and informed them that our family is disgusted, appalled and very distraught over the statements being made by Robbie Thomas regarding Karen’s murder, which he is using as advertisement on his various different websites, in attempts to draw in ticket buyers. I was advised that Robbie Thomas assured his sponsors, all families were notified and he gained permission from the relatives of the numerous victims, which Robbie Thomas is targeting and exploiting. My family never received a phone call from Mr. Thomas, so we can only assume Mr. Thomas lied to his sponsors. The only psychic ability Robbie Thomas obtains stems from his real abilities to manipulate the truth, to be able to attract society’s natural morbid curiosity while preying on the dark desperation of homicide families and families of missing children. He claims his psychic justice tour will donate $5.00 of every ticket sold to organizations like Missing and Exploited Children but where does Robbie Thomas get off thinking he has the right to exploit murdered children in order to achieve this? Robbie Thomas also wastes the very valuable time of police investigators. Their time should be spent seeking answers for homicide victims not being harassed by him, so he in-turn can cease the opportunity to manipulate their words to gain false credibility with the public.

He covers his legal ass by adding in small print that his services are for entertainment purposes only…yet there is nothing entertaining about using unsolved child murders and missing children. We as Karen’s family have been relentless in seeking the predators that murdered our sister and today we are forced to deal with a different kind of predator, the kind that hopes to make money off her murder, the kind that lurks in the shadows hoping to one-day benefit off the resolve of her murder through his self-proclaimed false predictions? There should be laws enforced in Canada, to protect victims and their families from people like Robbie Thomas. This fellow human being doesn’t seem to comprehend missing and murdered children are not commodities; they are not up for his taking for the purpose of improving ticket sales or to enhance one’s annual income. He did not have enough respect for the very grave conditions we continue to live under, to seek our permission first, before we distraughtly began reading his fraudulent statements pertaining to Karen’s unsolved murder on his numerous promotional websites. Mr. Thomas also has a Crime Stoppers poster of Karen hanging in his home, which he continues to use as he is advising people he is working with the police on Karen’s unsolved murder. This would certainly instill credibility with people who are not aware of the TRUTH. We would like Mr. Thomas to put the poster back on whichever telephone pole he removed it from. My family hung the posters for the purpose of generating public TIP information, not for Mr. Thomas to USE to mislead people while promoting himself as a psychic. He has done nothing for my family but contribute to the turmoil we continue to live with over Karen’s unsolved murder. I’m certain of one thing regarding Mr. Thomas; if the day should arrive when Karen’s killers are arrested, he will be skulking in the wings attempting to make such a glorious day about him…because this is what Robbie Thomas is really all about.

The Caughlin Family/Karen’s Voice

Note: This letter was provided to me by the Caughlin family with permission to post it.  I have expressed concern about the actions of Robbie Thomas (and others) and it is hard, after reading a posting as above, to feel anything but the utmost contempt for anyone trying to further abuse a family as Robbie has done.

Note: March 3, 2010 - Since people are ignorant to some of the facts, I feel I need to add the following screen captures.  Robbie Thomas WAS actively advertising "involvement" in the Karen Caughlin case.  I have newspaper articles and countless websites.  Here are two screen captures of sites that were (are?) promoting his most recent "tour" - one has been updated to remove Karen's name but the other has not (as of 10:30 AM, EST, March 3, 2010).  The updated one can still be viewed in Google cache.  (Click on the images for larger views)
The following was sent to me be a visitor to this blog.  Robbie is still using the Caughlin case for promotion.  (Click for a larger image)
Since people asked nicely, here are the links for the three above files:
(Still live) Advertisement including Karen's name:
YouTube video of fat guy getting out of car:
(I promised the person who sent me the screen capture that I would introduce it with "fat guy getting out of car" - as per his request)


Anonymous said...

My respect goes out to the family for speaking out. It must be very difficult to see their loved one used for the fortune of others. Psychic Robbie Thomas is a sickening.

mystic said...

i no ppl question robbie but he is a kind person and he really wants to help
you treat him like he tries to rip ppl off but thats not true he cares and wants to share his psyhic abilitys with other ppl
he really is a nice guy

Sherwood Skeptic said...

Mystic - That nice, helpful friend of yours is featured in several entries of this blog. Perhaps you can provide refutations to them,(or have Robbie do it); something a bit more in depth than your comment.
In the meantime here is my opinion. Thomas has no special powers. He is not psychic. He has never solved, nor helped solve, a crime. He has no respect for the families he "helps". Can I be any clearer?
I commend the Cauglin family for exposing their expeience with Thomas. I spoke to Kathy after I wrote a letter to the editor reading Thomas a few years ago. She said many of the same things then as written in their letter. They truly despise this man.
Thomas' record speaks for itself. He cannot do what he says he can. Why would anyone capable of doing a little research believe he could?

Sherwood Skeptic said...

To Mystic (again) - a couple of things I should have mentioned earlier regarding your comment.
1) Your grammar and spelling are deplorable.
2) This is your response after reading the letter from the Caughlin family? Robbie is a "nice guy"? Robbie "cares"?

Anonymous said...

There are no real psychics. It is all fake and make great tv and movie entertainment. When it comes to real life, they do harm in interfering with police investigations. Just like religion does to society.

Robbie is a fraud and thief!

Anonymous said...

The Caughlin family isn't that concerned with finding their sisters murderer, otherwise they might see this 'publicity stunt' by a self proclaimed psychic, real or not, as something that might help catapult their sister into the spotlight and generate more 'tips'. Hey, maybe posters on a telephone pole work better for getting peoples attention then the TV in everybody's house that people are constantly staring at...if the caughlin family really cared about justice for Karen they wouldn't waste their time on Robbie Thomas

sarniaskeptic said...

"Publicity Stunt" Anonymous: You are an idiot.

Consider this:
Robbie Thomas (falsely) claims to have psychic abilities. In short, he's a liar.

The Caughlin family wants to stop Robbie from using their family member so they can stay focused on the real task at hand - finding and prosecuting the person (or people) that committed the crime.

By Robbie claiming to have been involved with the case, one might assume that the case has been solved (it hasn't). That makes Robbie a liar AND a failure.

If your family was being dragged through the mud by slimeballs like Robbie Thomas, you'd be pissed too.

It is BECAUSE of Robbie Thomas that the focus ISN'T on the real perpetrators and that is what Karen's family is trying to change. Just because there is a bigger fire out there (finding the people who murdered Karen), doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about the little fires (assfaces like Robbie Thomas).

Your logic fails, too, as you suggest that the publicity could be a good thing - which, by providing such a letter, would be more publicity. Have you ever stopped to think before you hit submit?

Thanks for checking your morals, values and two braincells at the door.

Flyonthewall said...

What makes one think he is "exploiting"? Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps he may just know something relevant to the case whether he is psychic or not. Justice to be found in this injustice world we live in? I can't believe anyone would want to be put in a position that makes others believe they are making money off dead children-and then proceed to plaster themselves on street corners and protest this! This is not what this show is said to be about. With regards to that, the theatre website has no mention of Robbie exposing the Caughlin family. It speaks of others, with intent of discussing what he believes to know. So how can one bash others morals, beliefs when in reality they are bias to begin with. Were you there when Mr. Thomas so spoke to any authority? Let’s stand back and take a close look at the system we trust and believe so much in first of all! Be honest here, the system has failed each and every one of us at one time or another. It's corrupt.

Would Robbie post his face and further his efforts if he doesn’t truly believe he has something to fight for...or shall I say fight for the ones who can no longer speak for themselves. And one question lingers: who is to say his "statements" are indeed "fragulent"?
Psychic or not, it's not just all about earning a few extra bucks. And who's really the one judging morals here?
And to anoynomous; you say that all psychics harm cases...what about the ones who help solve them?The ones you try hard to believe don't exist?
To Sherwood; what about the families or pepole that would agree they have felt helped by him?
Believer or not, let's focus on facts here, and remember this is a "small town".

sarniaskeptic said...

Flyonthewall: Give me a single instance where a psychic has helped solve a crime.

They don't exist. Put up or shut up - Robbie Thomas is being fraudulent when he says that he has helped solve crimes - he didn't help in the Cano case, he didn't help in the Caughlin case, he didn't help in the Holloway case, he didn't help in the Anthony case - he is LYING.

Let me know of these supposed cases that psychics have solved (there aren't any) and I'll show you were liars and frauds hang out.

Flyonthewall said...

Victoria Stafford comes to mind. In all honesty I personally don't know of any because "psychics" don't solve crimes, cops do. What I do know is law enforcement, as well as families, do search out these "psychics" and request their knowledge. Solve them or not, they have helped in certain instances, and this was the term I used. We at least must take into consideration the support and guidance they provide when a loved one is lost.
A simple google search will help answer any of your questions as well as validate my perceptions, and although I am not gullible to what I read, you will see that many people who claim to be "psychic" are sought out and cases are solved whether the "psychic" gets credit or not.

Anonymous said...

You are delusional flyonthewall. Robbie Thomas claimed that Tori Stafford was still alive many days after she was already murdered. That's not help.

You're wrong, psychics don't exist and predators are predators no matter how much they pretend to be otherwise.

Police did not seek the help of psychics in the case of Tori Stafford.

Anonymous said...

FBI States that no psychic has ever solved a case.

CIA states that no psychic has ever solved a case.

Ontario Provincial Police states that no psychic has ever solved a case.

RCMP states that no psychic has ever solved a case.

The National Center of Missing and Exploited Kids states that no psychic has ever solved a case.

Do we need to continue?

By the way, the last one there, the one Robbie Thomas says he is dontating money too asked him to STOP. They asked him to take down their logo and link from his web site. If he was such a great help, wouldn't you think they'd want it?

Psychic Robbie Thomas is a scam artist, a fraud, a liar and the man of the lowest standards.

He is sick.

Sherwoodskeptic said...

"Publicity Stunt" Anonymous - I am certain that Karen's family want nothing more than the arrest of her killer. The have done an admirable job of keeping Karen's name publisized and doing anything they can think of to help get the case solved. They terminated contact with Thomas after one meeting, yet he persisted in trying to get permission to include the case in a book. I'm not sure if you get the tone of Kathy's letter, but they want nothing to do with him, including publicity for Karen, and especially not using her murder to further his "career". And yes, your comment appears to have been written by an idiot.

To Flyonthewall - Thomas has been "working" on this case for 5 years. If he knew something, he could be in trouble now.
Regarding families that feel "helped" by Thomas, let's look at the letter from Victoria's aunt. She says "it is his being, (rather than his gift)", that she thanks him for. So, he listens well and is sympathetic? He offers support and guidence? These are not what he advetises.
He says he can talk to dead people!
He says he can solve crimes psychically!
Where is the evidence?
You assert that psychics have helped solve crimes. Do you have evidence for that claim, also?

Anonymous said...

Casper~FRIENDLY Ghost:
For the skeptics~who died and made your ideology RIGHT! As you stated there are believers and non-believers. It looks to me neither of you's have "morals" "values" nor "braincells" yourself~your juvenile and smear tactic campaign says it all-you resort to name calling, put downs and a sense of self ENTITLEMENT that reeks of "systemic brainwashing" becaause people employed in this system turn their backs on babies, children and murdered people~and have for at least 44 years~I know this because I can COUNT~as a person that was EXPLOITED by the very people the Caughlins now place their faith in~ the same people who think they can drug women~drag them naked through the streets~professing "mental issues" just to get a head start to DISCREDIT someone. That person would be well within their rights to say their LIFE was endangered by the Caughlins public plea for information in the murder of their sister as well as prior to it's public domain. But hey you don't have to go! Try as I might I have yet to SEE any mention anywhere in the advertisements about the Caughlins or their sister. It's kind of like a Jerry Springer guest~bashing Oprah Winfrey~personally I prefer the latter and it's obvious in your venemous tirades to anyone whom slightly disagrees~I can see you prefer the first group-Jerry Springers!

Tarbin said...

According to Carrie Pierce here is her bio. You can also get investment advice from her for $3.25/min.

Robbie Thomas too, is said to have "played the stock market like a fiddle." whilst driving a beater and sponging off victims of crime.

Carrie Pierce's bio:

Hello and welcome. My name is Carrie and I am a reader here on Keen, a law student, and a paranormal investigator. My work with the metaphysical started at a young age when I was given a deck of tarot cards at the age of six by my psychic grandma, and was introduced to the mediums at Lily Dale. I'm not like other readers here at Keen. In fact, I probably have more in common with you than you think. I enjoy a cold beer, hanging out, good music and helping people. It really REALLY URKS Me to no end to see some of the other readers proclaim they can bring your lover back for hundreds of dollars. I use tarot, to focus my psychic abilities over the telephone while having just a voice vibration to work with (not a needed tool in person). I don't play around when it comes to my readings, nor do I play with people's emotions. I will tell you what I see exactly HOW I see it. My Paranormal Research Team The "Meadowvale Spookies" of Mississauga Ontario (Canada) and I have been in the newspapers in Southern Ontario and on Rogers Television in Ontario, therefore I'm not here to rip you off or lie to you. I have a reputation to keep! I'm pretty compassionate and understanding. Oh and don't worry about being judged here. I'm the LAST one to start throwing stones.


Anonymous said...

The OPP's and Sarnia cops been working on this case for 36 years this March~if they KNEW something- They could be in a lot of trouble NOW!!!
So then it's pretty obvious~these "cops" have NO intentions of solving Karens murder, nor arresting "people they KNOW, LIKE, and VIEW as GOOD PPL"-yep thats a quote from a sarnia cop-2003-and they have no intentions nor have they ever~For if ever they did-a lot more kids would have been home with their parents~instead of finding themselves a commodity-for those more "entitled" in society~I believe in March 2005-a FRIEND of the COURTS~stated this: "the system is broken, beyond repair, and it has been this way for 31 years"~ I am sure you's can all count!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update with those pictures. if the family broke all ties with robbie many years ago though then why was he advertising her case this year?
did karens family have to contact robbie to get them to remove her name since it is gone now?
i think it takes a lot of courage for karens family to be doing this letter. they should be allowed to put their attention on solving the crime.
other people who have commented were wrong to support robbie since they didnt have the whole story and robbie was wrongfully using their story to promote himself.
my mom has visions and does card readings for people but it is only done for fun. i dont think she ever charged a penney for it

Anonymous said...

I don't know Robbie Thomas but,I know some of his family,and they said he was a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his family should come out publicaly and say it.

Troy (Sarnia) said...

The "Ligia" that is his "manager" is his wife. I am pretty certain that "Robbie Thomas" is not his real name.

What can his family really say though; their father has no marketable skills is probably otherwise unemployable-even used car sales lots have standards-and his kids (he has 3) may rely on him financially to help themselves get educated so they can away from him and his horrible antics.

Geezus-if only robbie was psychic he could get the $50000.00 reward for finding karen's killers and his kids could go to college or university and disown their train-wreck of a father.

If I was a praying man thats what I would be praying for; everyone would benefit.

For good measure: Robbie Thomas is Sarnia's town idiot. No one else need apply.

Trevor Dailey said...

I have the rules and guidelines for the James Randi Educational Foundation $1 Million Dollar Challenge, the application, and the proof of the prize money, all ready to be sent to Robbie Thomas.

All Robbie has to do to collect $1 million dollars (US), and to prove us skeptics wrong, is show evidence of his psychic abilities under proper observing conditions. An easy $1 million dollars!

All I need to know is how to contact Robbie Thomas, so I can send him the information. Oh, wait! He's psychic! I don't need to contact him! He'll contact me!

I'm waiting, Robbie, and so is the $1 million dollars.

Anonymous said...

Robbie boasts that he is on some UK magazine about investing. I can't find the magazine, and I can't find the cover.

He also says he gives financial advice and predicts the stock market (see various blogtalk radio programs).

YET he has not played the stock market himself.

There are countless reward monies available for Robbie to collect if he actually solved a case. If he was true, and had solved a case, he would be entitled to the money and because he claims he is goodness and light, why not take the reward money and donate it all to the families.

He's a fraud. Pure and simple and his lies have matched his stupidity.

I feel sorry for his family.

Sherwood Skeptic said...

Anonymous - heres a link to the interview you mention.!.htm

Anonymous said...

As to his name it is really Rob Poulton. Grew up knowing him and he is no psychic. His family knows he's a fraud, that's probally why they have nothing to do with him.