Tuesday, November 25, 2008


ParaCon 2009 is Coming to Sarnia

Yes, ParaCon 2009 is coming to the big city of Sarnia. Kind of.

As “Para” means “near” or “beside”, ParaCon isn’t really coming to Sarnia – it is coming to a place “near” Sarnia – Point Edward. The usage of “para” in “ParaCon” is accurate in that sense. It isn’t accurate in the direct use of the combined words. It isn’t “near” a Con (scam), it is, itself a Con (scam). Maybe “FullCon 2009” would be more appropriate.

I’m a bit excited and it isn’t because I plan on attending the convention (which is a paranormal convention) but because I fear for the harm that belief in the paranormal can cause.

You can count on more information on FullCon2009 and psychic scams in future blogs. Just wanted to give everyone a "heads up".

From the mouth of Jay Leno - "How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?"

If that isn't amusing enough - when Psychic Anthony Carr’s daughter went missing, Anthony was quoted in media accounts as saying he didn’t know where she was. Carr bills himself as the “world’s most documented psychic” and is often called “Canada’s leading seer”. (Police later found the child unharmed.)

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