Friday, December 23, 2011

Tim Minchin's Song Cut from ITV Show

Though many will have already seen this, in the interest of keeping it trending, here is Tim Minchin's song that was cut from Jonathan Ross' show on ITV (Britain).

It is a beautiful, intelligent and funny song about Woody Allen... Jesus.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Logan Tucker Case: Not Solved by Psychics

Because I'm busy (preparing for Isaac Newton's birthday party), this is a cross-post from (the site with the focus of exposing the harms committed by liars (psychics) like Robbie Thomas - who is not psychic).

I received an email about Robbie Thomas being on a recent "radio" show (December 15 or 16) and though I haven't had a chance to listen to the program yet (I have to put all my forks away or the "radio" show will drive me to poke my eyes out - Robbie is a consistent liar and an abuser of the English language.  Listening to his radio programs involves a re-write of the dictionary to make his statements even close to sensible - but enough with the ad hominem attack), but I followed some of the links they included in the email.

First, let me point you to further proof that Robbie Thomas is a scumbag - on the following site, Danielle Egnew advertises her upcoming (at the time) participation in the Psychic Justice Tour (which failed miserably because of supposed anthrax attacks (though I suspect the more likely reason being that he is such a horrible liar)).  The advertisement that is placed on the site is almost verbatim what Robbie had initially used when promoting his tour - so Danielle Egnew can really only be guilty of failing to even do a cursory search of Robbie's (false) claims.  Robbie Thomas continues to use and abuse already victimized families by claiming to have been involved in solving their cases - even when the cases haven't been solved.  That's what a scumbag does.

Danielle will be the featured guest speaker during the Los Angeles leg of renowned criminal Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas' Psychic Justice Tour dedicated to the families and victims of unsolved crimes, hitting 30+ cities in two countries thus far. The Los Angeles event is tentatively scheduled for July / August of 2010, times and venue TBA.

The tour showcases Robbie Thomas, whose TV pilot "Psychic Justice" has already been shot, discussing his 18 years as a psychic criminal profiler while presenting his involvement with sensitive high profile cases such as Victoria Stafford (Woodstock, ON), Elisha McMaster (Toronto, ON), Cesar Ivan Aguilar-Cano (Louisville, KY) , Logan Tucker (Oklahoma City, Ok) Natalie Holloway (Birmingham, AL), Karen Caughlin (Sarnia, Ontario), Marc Campbell (Sarnia, Ontario) and many others.

I suspect that I needn't point out that the Natalee Holloway case has not been solved (notice the misspelling - I suspect it is to limit people finding out that he is abusing her name but it could simply be that Robbie is that stupid.)  But, for those that don't know, the Elisha McMaster case is not solved (Elisha's mother, Jane, is still searching for help and, unfortunately, from other 'psychics'), the Karen Caughlin case is not solved (follow the link above for more information) and the Logan Tucker case is one that was not solved by Robbie Thomas.

The Logan Tucker story is available online and it clearly does not involve a psychic solving the crime.  Other psychics who attempted to get involved were outed as failures (see Oklahoma is not "OK" for psychic) and as the body of the missing boy has still not been found, Robbie is obviously lying about his involvement in the case.

The Marc Campbell story will be for another entry - but, rest assured, Robbie Thomas did not solve the crime and definitely didn't do so with his so-called psychic powers.

Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud - these are not merely opinions but statements of fact.  We've made these claims for a number of years and if they were not true, they would be actionable.  As always, if Robbie Thomas wishes to sue me, I will happily identify myself to his lawyers and I would be overjoyed to expose his lies, further, in a court of law. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Call in the authorities: Michelle Duggar kills baby

Okay, maybe she didn't kill the baby, maybe the baby committed suicide.  One of them is definitely going to hell.

I had to point out this (really sad - even if you disagree with people literally fulfilling the requirement to "go forth and multiply") story to give some perspective on the inanity that is being labeled as "personhood".  The religious right is trying to push through legislation to define the beginning of life at conception which would, ultimately, make it illegal (a felony) to have an abortion (which is their ultimate goal anyway).  But would that same legislation bring about the need for an investigation into the death of every unborn fetus, embryo, morula and zygote?  Surely it would - a miscarriage is simply an abortion by another name.

If Michelle's body terminated the pregnancy, is she responsible, criminally, for its death?  If the pregnancy self-aborted, does the unborn baby's soul go to hell to suffer eternal punishment for committing suicide? 

"Personhood" legislation is stupid - life does not begin at conception - regardless of what your beliefs are about abortion.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh My! Fake Psychic Endorses Pure Stupid!

Let me first apologize for not checking my email so frequently - I will do my best to read and respond to the emails in a more timely fashion.  

I was sent a link to a website for wristbands that claim to improve health/balance/all sorts of other things that it doesn't actually do and I clicked on it before I read the rest of the email.  I looked at the site ( and was instantly reminded of the complete smackdown that PowerBalance received and the recent news of PowerBalance filing for bankruptcy.  I clicked away from the website thinking "that's a tax for not thinking" and returned to my email.

Noticing that the email was longer than simply "take a look at this site and the claims they make", I read a little further.  It turns out that the email was more to point a finger at non-psychic Darin James/Darin Scheiding and giggle.  Darin James/Darin Scheiding endorses the wristbands by providing a testimonial to them:

Darin Scheiding (Ontario, Canada)
I was first introduced to Shuzi just over two yrs ago. I have used Q ray and various magnetic products. But nothing gave me the relief and energy that the Shuzi did. I don't know if it is my bodies energy but the Q ray didn't work more than six months and thats alot of money. I swear by Shuzi and recomend everyone has one of these amazing products.
I am disabled with four separate conditions mostly in my spine . Shuzi gave me the energy to do more than I was in some time. And I can honestly say in my case 90% or more of my fybromyalgia pain was gone thanks to Shuzi. Having that kind of difference in my life means alot to myself and my family so thank you Stealth Health Canada for introducing me to this life changing product. Darin Scheiding Sarnia Canada.

Though he cautions that it may not be the same Darin Scheiding from Sarnia who also claims to be a psychic (liar), I think that the spelling (ha!) is on par with Darin's best.  (See Darin's twitter account or his website and compare for yourself!)

Seeing scammers being scammed by other scammers just doesn't seem so bad. 

(I do have to point out that the "Doctor Testimonials" on the Shuziqi site are laughable - the first two are clearly identified as D.C. (not real medical doctors, just gullible chiropractors) and the third is not a real medical doctor either - but they fail to disclose on their site that he, too, is a chiropractor.  Why aren't other chiropractors speaking out against such inanity?  Probably because when you live in glass houses...)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Duty Exemptions for the Religious

While browsing through the Customs Tarriff T2011-3, as most of us regularly do, I came across some interesting duty differences.  Though it is frustrating to see religious exemptions, I was mildly entertained by the related statements.

In Chapter 62 (pdf) (some in Chapter 61 as well), you will find that the Most Favoured Nations (MFN) duty rate for most clothing is 18%.  However, there are a few items that are less than 18%, see below:

You will notice that under "Other made up clothing accessories; parts of garments or of clothing
accessories", it states "For clerical or ecclesiastical garments or vestments", the tax rate is 7.5% - for all "other", it is 15%.  A 50% savings in duty simply because it is "For clerical or ecclesiastical garments or vestments".

Below that you will see that prayer shawls are 0% duty and all others are 18% (with the only other exception being one that made me giggle - "Of protective suits to be employed in a noxious atmosphere;", which, for many of us, "noxious atmosphere" includes anywhere that someone is babbling about their sky-fairy daddy (ie. church, on your doorstep, at family dinners and the like.).  Does "protective suit", in that situation, simply mean any article of clothing that clearly suggests to the babbler that you are an atheist? If only.)

Sadly, just below that, you will also see that bullet-proof vests are subject to a regular duty rate of 18%!  Something that can help you (a bullet-proof vest) costs you 18% (duty) while something that can't help you (prayer/prayer shawl) is duty free.  Religious exemptions seldom make sense - this is no exception.