Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh My! Fake Psychic Endorses Pure Stupid!

Let me first apologize for not checking my email so frequently - I will do my best to read and respond to the emails in a more timely fashion.  

I was sent a link to a website for wristbands that claim to improve health/balance/all sorts of other things that it doesn't actually do and I clicked on it before I read the rest of the email.  I looked at the site ( and was instantly reminded of the complete smackdown that PowerBalance received and the recent news of PowerBalance filing for bankruptcy.  I clicked away from the website thinking "that's a tax for not thinking" and returned to my email.

Noticing that the email was longer than simply "take a look at this site and the claims they make", I read a little further.  It turns out that the email was more to point a finger at non-psychic Darin James/Darin Scheiding and giggle.  Darin James/Darin Scheiding endorses the wristbands by providing a testimonial to them:

Darin Scheiding (Ontario, Canada)
I was first introduced to Shuzi just over two yrs ago. I have used Q ray and various magnetic products. But nothing gave me the relief and energy that the Shuzi did. I don't know if it is my bodies energy but the Q ray didn't work more than six months and thats alot of money. I swear by Shuzi and recomend everyone has one of these amazing products.
I am disabled with four separate conditions mostly in my spine . Shuzi gave me the energy to do more than I was in some time. And I can honestly say in my case 90% or more of my fybromyalgia pain was gone thanks to Shuzi. Having that kind of difference in my life means alot to myself and my family so thank you Stealth Health Canada for introducing me to this life changing product. Darin Scheiding Sarnia Canada.

Though he cautions that it may not be the same Darin Scheiding from Sarnia who also claims to be a psychic (liar), I think that the spelling (ha!) is on par with Darin's best.  (See Darin's twitter account or his website and compare for yourself!)

Seeing scammers being scammed by other scammers just doesn't seem so bad. 

(I do have to point out that the "Doctor Testimonials" on the Shuziqi site are laughable - the first two are clearly identified as D.C. (not real medical doctors, just gullible chiropractors) and the third is not a real medical doctor either - but they fail to disclose on their site that he, too, is a chiropractor.  Why aren't other chiropractors speaking out against such inanity?  Probably because when you live in glass houses...)

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