Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It doesn't work but I can tell you how it does!

I have to confess that I don't know much about how homeopathy, acupuncture or "healing touch" works - I AM ignorant to "the facts" as commenters and emails suggest.

Let me be clear about my derision towards such "alternative" medicine modalities and why I think we should forcefully and continuously remind others that much of it is completely bogus.

You need not know how something works for it to work. For example, aspirin works regardless of whether or not you understand the mechanism.

Just as importantly (if not more importantly when it comes to absurd beliefs), it doesn't matter how something is supposed to work if it doesn't work.  So, until there is scientifically valid evidence that something works, making crap up about how it is supposed to work isn't going to win me over.

To re-cap previous posts and to summarize many future ones:

Chiropractic does not treat ear infections, asthma or bed wetting.  It is almost generally useless.
Homeopathy doesn't cure anything.
Acupuncture is no better than sham acupuncture (all of it is "sham", I guess)
Healing Touch doesn't cure anything nor does it involve touch (oddly!)
Reiki is bullshit
Reflexology does nothing more than a foot massage does
Astrology is made up crap
Psychic abilities have never been shown to exist
It's not a "secret", it's a "lie"

In other words, if it doesn't work, your silly reasons for believing how it works are that much less intelligent.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Michael Shoesmith is at it again (and by “it”, I don’t mean “thinking”)

On August 17 in the Sarnia Observer, there was a letter to the editor from Michael Shoesmith entitled “Liberalism Creates Sense of Entitlement” as follows:

Sir:Regarding the Aug. 13 article concerning fines handed out to people for going through construction zones, it is evident to me that something needs to be done about this heinous tragedy. I am, of course, referring to the growing sense of personal entitlement people have in today's liberal climate.

My impression of the matter, as outlined in your article, is that the person proceeded into the construction zone, saw the officer and pretended to only be looking for directions from the officer. The reason I make this assessment is because if a person comes across an area which is off-limits, would that person not stop before entering the forbidden area and then proceed on foot to the law enforcement officer to ask for assistance or wave the officer over? That is the logical series of events that would transpire if the person was actually honest about it.

No, there is something more sinister going on in the minds of the masses these days. People are less and less aware of anything outside of a very small personal bubble. It's the mental disorder of liberalism.

Here's how the dictionary defines it: "a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties."

Allow me to focus your attention to the word "unrestricted." How dare that construction company restrict the movement of people? How dare that officer restrict my free ability to go to the salon?

Liberalism, in essence, is the belief that one set of rules applies to me and a completely different set of rules applies to everyone else. That, by any definition, is a mental disorder.

Liberals "feel" harassed when their philosophy is confronted with the aggressive use of force as is the way all productive, law-abiding societies thrive. We live in a world that is governed by the aggressive use of force and as Margaret Thatcher once said, "The facts of life are conservative."

The people who think they are entitled to go through a construction barrier are the same people who would be most likely to sue the construction company if they fell into a hole and damaged their vehicle.

The road closure at the intersection of Finch and Wellington has been an enormous burden to me and my family. I never cross it even though it would save me a several mile detour.

The old adage "rules were meant to be broken" does not and should not apply to grown-ups. Time to grow up, people -- Michael D. Shoesmith Sarnia

A few friends had forwarded this link to me but I didn’t feel any need to respond to his load of incredible stupid. However, someone else has written in to the paper with a response:

“Ignorance Displayed by Drivers ‘Symptoms of Human Nature’:

Sir: I am writing in regard to your Letter to the Editor of Aug. 17. Mr. Shoesmith feels that the creeping menace of Liberalism is to blame for the "heinous tragedy" of citizen illegally driving through the innumerable construction zones in this city.

He then proceeds to praise "aggressive use of force" and even resorts to a quote from conservative darling Maggy Thatcher. Only in a periodical published by Sun Media would such an ill-conceived rant see the light of day. We can blame Liberalism for universal health care, old-age pension, progressive taxation, and other institutions established to promote "unrestricted" human development. We can even blame Liberalism for the appearance of Mr. Shoesmith's laughable screed in print. The ignorance and selfishness displayed by a few wayward motorists are not tenets of liberal thought, they are symptoms of human nature.

Perhaps equating left-wing ideals with lawlessness and praising "aggressive use of force" (such as flying bombs into NYC?) are the true symptoms of "mental disorder."

-- Damien Neal Sarnia

Well said Damien, well said.  Really, though, do you think that someone as dense as Michael Shoesmith can truly grasp the concept? 

Prayfest! I can't wait!

This past weekend was the annual Gospel By The Bay – a weekend long event that draws in thousands (maybe 2 thousand?) of incredulous people to enjoy music about (and performed by people who believe in) a mystical sky creature who supposedly (depending on who you talk to) created this earth 6,000, 10,000 or billions of years ago with humans (depending on who you talk to) having been created either in their current form or by means of evolution/natural selection.

Two local men are looking to expand Gospel By The Bay to something like Bayfest (http://www.sarniabayfest.com/) – with the goal of filling Centennial Park with attendees. I think this could be great news for Sarnia. To be sure, I do think that belief in a sky-deity is silly but let me say this: Unlike the “Christians” who complain about the “godless” Bayfest, I’m not going to suggest that we should protest against or ask the city to regulate who comes to Prayfest. The tourism benefit for our city (if they could draw in such large crowds) would be wonderful.

You can read more about their goals/wishes/wants on-line at:

Unfortunately for our economy, it isn’t likely that this expansion will take place but that is a good thing for those who don’t think that the past expansion of Christianity was “net positive”.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Robbie Thomas Update (He's still not psychic)

I received an email from a Robbie Thomas supporter earlier today telling me that the information on this site is inaccurate.

She said, and I quote,:
The info you post on your Small TOwn site is no right
Robbie has working with police but their not allowed to talk about cases
robbie has been doing this for more then 20 yrs get your facts straight
As I have seen Robbie reference the 20 years as well, I will see about getting the counter updated on my site.  0 solved cases in 20 years, however, doesn't make Robbie look better than 0 solved cases in 18 years. 

To reiterate, Robbie Thomas (self-proclaimed psychic in Sarnia) has solved 0 murder or missing persons cases using claimed psychic powers.  For him to claim otherwise, one would have to assume he is either mentally ill or lying.

For more information on Robbie Thomas, visit http://www.stoprobbie.com/ or http://www.stoprobbiethomas.com/

Robbie's New Event
If you haven't heard, Robbie is doing another event (he changes the name of the event every year), "canamaparafest" - and this time we're not going to miss it :)

In case you haven't checked out Robbie's new website (new again!), he has the new 'fest' advertised: (The stupid, it burns.)

In case you can't read the ad, here it is:

Yes, it does say "worlds most leading experts" and it does say "feild"! 

Robbie's Book & Book Reviews
I've mentioned Robbie's book reviews on this site before but I thought I should update you.  I've received emails from 2 people who posted a review of his book (one of the people ACTUALLY has it and is going to send it to me - the other person has read it but I promised I wouldn't explain anything more than that).  Their reviews were removed from the Borders site because someone complained. 

There are 6 reviews that remain on the Borders website - all positive, all 5 stars and all written with the same level of (il)literacy of Robbie Thomas (I'm not saying he wrote them all - just that the people who supposedly like his books have a limited grasp of the English language).  Each of the 6 reviews are the ONLY reviews each reviewer has written and they are written on the same day they created an account on Borders.com. 

You, too, can go to http://www.borders.com/ (Go straight to Robbie's crappy attempt at being an author), create an account today, log in, claim to be anyone you want from anywhere you want and post a review.  Yes, it is that simple - you don't have to buy the book you're reviewing, even. I'm not suggesting that you stoop to the level that Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) would go (ie. create a fake review) but if you want to log on to Borders to post a review that suggests that all the reviews are fake or if you want to report the current reviews as apparent fakes - that's up to you :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christopher Hitchens on wishing that 'God' existed

I recently came across this quote from Christopher Hitchens - I thought you might be interested in it:

There are, after all, atheists who say that they wish the fable were true but are unable to suspend the requisite disbelief, or have relinquished belief only with regret. To this I reply: who wishes that there was a permanent, unalterable celestial depotism that subjected us to continual surveillance and could convict us of thought-crime, and who regarded us as its private property even after we died? How happy we ought to be, at the reflection that there exists not a shred of respectable evidence to support such a horrible hypothesis. And how grateful we should be to those of our predecessors who repudiated this utter negation of human freedom.

I don't fall in the group that wishes the stories were true - what about you?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Robbie Thomas is an author (and not psychic)

Yes, Robbie Thomas claims to be an author - though many would argue that he redefines the word "author" when he suggests that he is one. 

I've received a number of emails from people who suggest that I read Robbie Thomas' books - that they are horribly written, hardly edited and not printed on paper good enough to wipe your butt with (read: not worth anything).  A follower to this blog recently sent me a link to a recent review on Chapters that suggests Robbie might not be honest either (Shocking!).

A poor example
I was intrigued by the title, but after reading into the book two chapters I knew that this book would be a disapointment. It is poorly written, gives no new information, and is possibly the worst book on the paranormal I have ever read. Feeling ripped off, I wanted to return the book, but found that I should contact the author and express my thoughts. In google I found Robbie Thomas, the author accused of many unlawful and unethical things. One web site in particular had information on him. stoprobbie.com is all you need to know.

The stories about this movie being made were totally made up according to the people involved. The movie was said to be shot in 2008 and 2009, yet has never been released. There are Youtube videos of the movie and that says it all. It is horrible and the book is the same way.

This book is horrible. I could not recommend it and I wouldn't suggest sending your hard earned money to a con man.

Of note, however, is that there are three other reviews on the site - all 4 reviewers have only reviewed Robbie Thomas' books and, it appears, became members of the site simply to review those books.  One of the (positive) reviewers has a horrible writing style - just like Robbie Thomas!

It's nice to see the reference to stoprobbie.com (which is only referenced and not linked in the review).