Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christopher Hitchens on wishing that 'God' existed

I recently came across this quote from Christopher Hitchens - I thought you might be interested in it:

There are, after all, atheists who say that they wish the fable were true but are unable to suspend the requisite disbelief, or have relinquished belief only with regret. To this I reply: who wishes that there was a permanent, unalterable celestial depotism that subjected us to continual surveillance and could convict us of thought-crime, and who regarded us as its private property even after we died? How happy we ought to be, at the reflection that there exists not a shred of respectable evidence to support such a horrible hypothesis. And how grateful we should be to those of our predecessors who repudiated this utter negation of human freedom.

I don't fall in the group that wishes the stories were true - what about you?


Anonymous said...

Im a non-believer and have to admit to saying I wish I was wrong.
I agree with hitchens and must be careful never to say that.

thank you for providing a skeptical get-a-way in sarnia.

RealityinSarnia said...

Anon, welcome to our skeptical and real world.

Feel free to email the sarniaskeptic at if you want to get to know the sarnian skeptical group better.