Monday, August 23, 2010

Prayfest! I can't wait!

This past weekend was the annual Gospel By The Bay – a weekend long event that draws in thousands (maybe 2 thousand?) of incredulous people to enjoy music about (and performed by people who believe in) a mystical sky creature who supposedly (depending on who you talk to) created this earth 6,000, 10,000 or billions of years ago with humans (depending on who you talk to) having been created either in their current form or by means of evolution/natural selection.

Two local men are looking to expand Gospel By The Bay to something like Bayfest ( – with the goal of filling Centennial Park with attendees. I think this could be great news for Sarnia. To be sure, I do think that belief in a sky-deity is silly but let me say this: Unlike the “Christians” who complain about the “godless” Bayfest, I’m not going to suggest that we should protest against or ask the city to regulate who comes to Prayfest. The tourism benefit for our city (if they could draw in such large crowds) would be wonderful.

You can read more about their goals/wishes/wants on-line at:

Unfortunately for our economy, it isn’t likely that this expansion will take place but that is a good thing for those who don’t think that the past expansion of Christianity was “net positive”.

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