Monday, December 15, 2008

Bigger Scam Than A Church

I hope you braced yourself for the subject of this blog and I'll apologize now for you being surprised.

Church is a massive scam and a big waste of time (my opinion on that hasn't changed) but there are possibly bigger scams (not bigger in "raping more people of their money" bigger, but bigger in "the seller is a bigger blatant liar", bigger).

Let me explain (something most "believers" never do).

It is completely possible that people preachers/priests/pastors and other faith-pushers truly believe that there is a god (there almost certainly isn't), that Jesus was born of a virgin (he likely never existed) and that god is a loving entity (they haven't read their bible, if they believe that).

It is almost unfathomable, however, that the people selling the following items/services really BELIEVE in what they're selling.

Ionic Footbaths

Anyone selling Ionic footbaths could easily (and I'm pretty sure has!) test their product by simply operating it without any feet in the footbath. What happens? The same thing that happens when it is operated with feet in the water. To continue to sell something like that would be to blatantly lie.


Just like religion, this scam has been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Just like religion, it is not based on science. If it is sold as anything other than relaxational (which it generally is), your reflexologist is lying to you. Anecdotal evidence is no substitute for real science.

Ear Candling

Much like Ionic footbaths, anyone who sells ear candles has probably used one without inserting it into the ear (if they haven't, they're gullible and just as dangerous!). The exact same results appear in the candle. I've tried ear candling myself (with no benefit) and found it an odd experience. Having burned the second candle sans the ear, I quickly realized what a scam it was. Doing some research online affirmed my assumptions.

Miracle Manna

Sorry :), I just had to include it. My good friend (read: complete fuckwit), even after being exposed as a fraud, continues to milk people of their money. He knows he is a liar and millions of people know he's a liar yet he continues to thrive. Okay, so he's no different than a church but he offers something different to eat than that crappy bread! I wonder what he offers to drink?


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