Thursday, January 29, 2009

What does Ray Comfort have in his rectum?

Ray "Bananaman" Comfort is a babbling idiot. You need not read a full paragraph of Ray Comfort's diatribes to find something absurd and, if other people didn't agree with him, hilarious.

Now that we have that out of the way - the point of this blog posting is to talk about the "uproar" around celebrating Darwin's birthday.

Idiots, like Bananaman, have their not-so-magic underwear (that's the silly mormons with the magic underwear) in knots because a city in Ohio wanted to declare February 12, "Darwin Day".

With complaints, the person presenting the proposal "watered" down the declaration to February being "Science Month" and added Galileo's name alongside Darwin's. That wasn't enough for Ray.

Bananaman (Rumour has it that Ray thinks a banana is the perfect shape and size to, well, shove completely up his rectum once Kirk Cameron pulls his penis out of it, hence the title "Bananaman". Sources tell me that the bananas are small ones but compared to Ray's head, it looks normal size. No matter what the truth is, I, as an atheist, have nightmares about bananas. Hey believers, don't accuse me of lying - you started it!), as promised in the beginning of this article, displays his true ability to write some of the greatest comedy pieces:

"They're trying to deitize Darwin," he said. "This is the atheist Christmas."

"It's a God-given right to be an atheist, but they need to lighten up and let us talk about creationism, too."

Let me make some points clear so as to help some people understand how absurd his comments are.
  1. Darwin, unlike Jesus, actually existed.
  2. Darwin, unlike Jesus, was born on the day we are suggesting it be celebrated.
  3. God didn't give us anything (but the value for pi (3)!!) - Darwin, on the other hand, gave us the answer to one of science's biggest questions.
  4. To argue "Because atheists are talking about something real, we should be able to make something up", is, well, typical Bananaman.
  5. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - unlike the request being made in Ohio, is a holiday, not just a declaration. Is Martin Luther King Jr. a deity now (or something greater because he gets a holiday named after him)? How many people's prayers can he listen to at one time?

With that out of the way, what is it about Darwin that upsets Ray?

Is he suggesting that if Darwin's birthday is recognized that more people might learn about him and that, in itself, is a threat to (him/belief/god/humanity/Americans)?

Critical thought has never been a threat to humanity. Science, with all of its advances, has made our lives exponentially better.

Is he concerned that by having a day declared in Darwin's name, that it makes evolution true?

Nothing is true simply because someone famous said it/proposed it/suggested it. Evolution is a fact. The theory of natural selection has been tested for 150 years and has stood the test of time - as with any scientific theory, it is subject to advancement and updating as we learn more about our world. That is the power of science and is not a weakness.

Is Ray implying that if people find out that evolution is true, they'll realize that belief in god is false?

Though many (me, too) would argue that an understanding of natural selection shows that a god wasn't or isn't necessary, there are some firm believers who know and support the theory of evolution (Kenneth Miller is a great example) which means that the final question can't simply be answered with a "definitely".

Regardless of what your beliefs are, February 12th, 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and, for his contributions to biology via his truly awesome and eloquent theory, he should be recognized. Declaring February 12th "Darwin Day" is a great tribute to one of science's greatest contributors.

Ray "Bananaman" Comfort, on the other hand, is Christianity's greatest contribution to atheists. I anxiously await Ray's death so that I can propose a declaration in his honour (though it will likely fail as I'm sure many people are quite happy to continue to call it "April Fools' Day").

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C Woods said...

I will be celebrating Darwin Day on 2/12/09 and will encourage others to do so, too.