Thursday, June 25, 2009

What the heck?

I'm not sure what prompted this, however, in yesterday's (June 24) Observer, there was a letter to the editor by a self-proclaimed agnostic who is upset that Richard Dawkins' "derision" of faith destroys hope (false hope) and peace of mind (false peace of mind).

Religion does more harm than good, and it's time we recognized it. Here is a link to the letter to the editor -

It reminds me of the accommodationist debate - which has recently been covered on Pharyngula - It's well worth a read.

If you need sky fairies to get through the day and have no interest in pushing the false beliefs on the rest of us (or supporting a group that does the pushing), have at it. In other words, if you bring your "god" into the public forum, we're ready to discuss it.

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