Thursday, May 13, 2010

Could you post this on your website?

Some things truly amaze me - I think I've seen a lot in my life but I came across something recently that made me think "can someone truly have written this with a straight face?".

Imagine selling yourself as someone who does the following (I'm not making this up - and don't jump ahead!):

Progression Therapy – allows one to move forward in time – even to future lives. The client is able to experience the future in a deeply relaxed state – and remember all he has seen at the end of the session. Each person is able to determine what he or she wants to see. With knowledge of the future, one can enjoy, or change, the present.

You could be offering people the ability to see FUTURE LIVES?  Wow!  That'd rely on your clients having accepted some other pretty wild ideas first off.  I guess if they already believe in some sort of "dualism", maybe they'll blindly accept this idea.

The people are able to determine what it is that they want to see?  Any ideas on how that might work?

And people can see the future and, based on what they say, enjoy it or change it?  Would they be seeing the changed "future" or would they be altering the future and then they didn't really see the future?  Maybe I'm over thinking this one.

Anyway, this is one of the many wild things that Lorraine Scott claims on her website.  For those that don't remember, Lorraine Scott was coming to Sarnia for a fundraiser (she was getting paid, people were getting fleeced and a portion of the proceeds were going to the Canadian Cancer Society). 

Lorraine also claims to "teach" at some community colleges but neither of them have her listed as an instructor on their websites.  Her classes (for last fall, anyway) were 7 weeks long - one class per week and only 45 minutes per class.  I suspect that she rented a college room and used it to claim some legitimacy from it.

At least she wasn't claiming crazy stuff like Animal Communications, Healing, and Locating Lost Pets or Rebirthing Therapy.  What?  She does?


Anonymous said...

This is simply self-hypnosis repackaged. Many self help gurus develop exercises where you enter a meditational state and train your thoughts on a desired outcome of events. Do enough of this "programming" and you will indirectly bring about said outcome without being aware that you caused it.

This is a pretty smart woo tactic, actually. She can "teach" anyone to see their future, and it will never ever be wrong. Then she tells them to focus on their desired future instead, and ideo-dynamic reflex does the rest. When the new future comes to pass, *poof* instant believer.

NathanColquhoun said...

Keep digging, I enjoy the exposing.

SherwoodSkeptic said...

I also couldn't find any of her courses listed with the college, although she is listed as a part time instructor.
I had never heard of Progression Therapy. Could I just get to Saturday morning, go to the variety store, see the winning LottoMax #'s and come back?
What if I was hit by a truck while in the future? Can I change that from here without discombobulating the time-space continuum?

Robbie Thomas said...

Nathan, where have you been? Surprised you haven't jumped in sooner!

Ryan Hulshof said...

This seems like something that would be very easily testable.

Put a box with an object inside in a room and leave it until a certain time. ( lets say next sunday.)

Then have the psychic toss the person to next sunday, and they should be able to see the placement of the box and what is inside. Regardless of what one does to the box ( such as move it, or change the contents) , because they are seeing it on that sunday.

I have a feeling mrs scott would be totally unwilling to attempt this experiment. But i am willing to be surprised.

Mrs Scott, any word on this?

Robbie Thomas said...

Anyone going to the fundraiser on Sunday to see her replacement and get 4 questions about your future asked?

I don't know if I can be back in time from Iowa to get my fortune read! Wait, I should be able to read my own future!

SherwoodSkeptic said...

I thought you'd be trying to extend your visit to Iowa Robbie :)

Robbie Thomas said...

My extension has happened many times already. One more time tonight should last til the next trip.