Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the front f#$king page? Yep! Welcome Observer Readers!

I wake up this morning to a load of emails - "You made the paper!" So here it is on the front page of website:

Now, let me clarify.  I wasn't in the paper - there was a reference to my blog and it wasn't all that accurate. 
  1. Nobody threatened the pseudo-psychic (Lorraine Scott - Oh, that reminds me, I have so much more to say about her.. she's just a ball of fun!)
  2. I didn't send an email/letter to Lorraine.  Somebody else may have but I can assure you that nobody from "our group" threatened anyone (except with exposing their lies)
  3. I don't have three eyes - Robbie Thomas has an eye around the crotch area
  4. I'm not sorry that my blog may have altered the fundraiser - I think it is wrong.  My "tongue-in-cheek" "Sorry" is the very next blog article (scroll down a bit).  It doesn't say what you think it says.
Here are the articles that The Observer refers to:

And, in case anyone is wondering, if Dan Valkos claims that he is psychic, can talk to the dead, hears voices or talks about the spirit world - get him a straight jacket.  Anyone who claims paranormal abilities is welcome to 1 Million Dollars but there is only one catch - they have to prove it.  Without evidence, people, don't accept these wild claims. 

I guess I forgot to link to the article in The Observer.  We should also thank The Observer for plugging the "Stop Robbie Thomas" site as well. 

(Since posting this, I've read the comments on The Observer site.  I must add that I have the utmost respect for the Caughlin family - to speak out after going through what they went through is very honourable and courageous.  It is through those types of actions that we will ultimately win the battle against pseudo-psychics and their relentless abuse of already victimized families.  Thank you to the Caughlin sisters.)


Anonymous said...

Love all the comments. I would comment too but I keep getting banned! The woo woo paper doesn't like the truth spoken in plain understandable english!

Ryan Hulshof said...

While i feel the reporting was just north of unbiased, i wouldn't say that any of my words were misquoted.

But i do wonder how much of your article she read, it would seem fairly obvious to me that it was not an apology.

I personally have busted out quite a few comments in regards to the article. Mainly due to the pure ire that was flung without basis from the woman interviewed. I made no attacks of the relay for life ( nor would i , even after this poor decision. ) but i was surprised to see that the same courtesy was not shown to us by them.

And Kathy is a brave person, to go through the hell she did, and to still stick up for herself like this, hell, that took 2 million times the balls and fortitude it took me to give the interview.

I am tossing around the idea of a skeptically themed fundraiser. Bands, comedy, and as many minor celebs as i can round up. To try and dispel the negative association with skepticism that is so abundant in our city.


if you're putting together a skeptic fundraiser i will be right there, dude.

Anonymous said...

You should get the band NOFX to entertain at that fund raiser! They are atheists and skeptics. Just don't get Cokie the clown to serve you a drink!

There were a few posters that now want to join our little group here although some of them have attacked me when I posted on the Observer before I was banned and banned and banned and banned. I tried recently and it banned me as soon as I registered! They must have a psychic there that sees me registering!

I don't know why I get banned, I only speak the truth. Last time was a post where all I did was post a link to an google street-view photo of the intersection that the pickup drove through that hit the transport truck and died instantly. The intersection showed an unobstructed view of the stop sign and clear view of the road the truck was on. Just the facts and quickly banned - WHY did you do that Observer???

I hope the observer reads those comments on those two article posts to see that rational people do not put up with cons and scams.

Ryan, it is quite clear that Tara Hagan is on the side of woo woo the way she wrote the article.

What is interesting though is the tickets for this new "Psychic" can not be purchased at the door of the event!

I think we should hold a fundraiser outside of their location and give them a cold reading just like they would get inside.

Ryan Hulshof said...

Well if anyone wants to contribute toss me an e-mail,

I really want to show the city that we can do more than just complain about the supernatural.

Also from what i have seen at They are taking down comments at an insane rate. My opinion of the paper is dropping rather quickly to be honest.

And for the record, the vast majority of the comments are pro for our side.

Anonymous said...

Ryan,I sent you an email.

Anonymous said...

Ryan,I sent you an email.

Ryan Hulshof said...

To those stating they sent an e-mail, for some reason i am not getting it. Add me to msn if you have it or you can add me to facebook.

Sorry for any pain in the ass this may have caused.

chicky said...

I'm all over the fundraiser idea. I said that when all this happened, we should just all donate the 40 tickets at $25/p figure to the cancer fundraiser and see if we are still such a horrible "hate group".

Ryan Hulshof said...

Well, i think the issue with my hotmail is fixed so i encourage anyone whether they already have expressed interest or not to toss me one. ( and heck might as well toss one to my facebook too to avoid technical problems)

I want to see what we would be working with as far as people and skills, with that i can then kind of decide in what direction to take this.