Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rick Warren - What did your intelligent designer do to you?

You may not have heard the news but it made the headline on CNN - Pastor Rick Warren had his eyes burned while trimming a firestick plant

Given that Pastor Rick Warren would argue that the world was "intelligently designed" with humans as the primary focus of the "intelligent designer", why would Rick Warren have been burned by an item further down on the list of importance? 

Sadly Pastor Rick Warren turned on his "intelligent designer" and opted for science and technology to address his injury.  Couldn't prayer have cured someone with a direct line to "god"?

Just as "god" created all the beautiful things in this "world", she must take the blame for the less-than-ideal things that exist.  Why would humans be susceptible to firesticks, diseases and even other animals if we truly are "god's children"?  An all-perfect and all-capable "god" could have (I suspect they would have if they existed) created things much differently.

Or, possibly, she doesn't exist and the world, the universe and everything that exists is better explained by natural processes.  The more we learn, the more reason we have to accept that is the case.  I'm sorry, Rick, that you had your eyes burned - we can only hope that, when your sight recovers, you'll finally see the light - your god almost certainly does not exist.

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