Thursday, January 6, 2011

The past couple of days...

A few laughs
If you have a couple minutes and want a laugh, you need to check out what our good friend Robbie Thomas is up these days.

For some reason I don't think they meant it to be funny

Power Balance can't help itself from toppling
There is now a Power Balance bracelet class action lawsuit.  Power Balance bracelets are pure stupid - if you still think they work, you shouldn't be entitled to a refund.  They lied to you in the first place but now that they've admitted they were lying, continuing to believe in them should mean that what you paid is a stupid tax.
Autism, vaccines and the person that could have killed one of your family members
While on the topic of FRAUD - Andrew Wakefield (the assface who claimed that MMR Vaccine was a cause of Autism), in the past year, lost his license to practice medicine, had his paper retracted by the Lancet and, just yesterday, was exposed as having perpetrated an "elaborate fraud".  I think this means that (since a number of people have died from vaccine preventable illnesses as a result) Andrew Wakefield has blood on his hands. 
Unfortunately much of the damage has been done - rebuilding trust in science will be a difficult task.

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