Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double the stupid or stupid squared?

My good friends Darin James and Robbie Thomas will both be appearing at Robbie Thomas' big waste of time (aka paranormal conference) to be held the end of October, 2011, at the Super 8 in Sarnia.  I'd give you more details about the event but it seems that they can't seem to settle on what they are.  Is it 2 days? 3?  What is the price?  Is there a VIP pass anymore?  Depends on what poster/flyer you read and what website you read and on what day. 

What makes me most excited about Darin James and Robbie Thomas "joining forces" (ha ha ha ha) is that collectively they'll still not be able to figure out who I am (at least not using their claimed psychic powers).  Just another point I can make when I point out that if Robbie Thomas and Darin James weren't lying (scumbags) when they claim they have psychic powers, why can't they figure out who I am or who the people are behind

Learn more Darin James and Robbie Thomas and make up your mind - is the "pairing up" going to double the stupid or will it become stupid squared?

(Unfortunately this posting comes shortly after my posting about the Caughlin request for an external review of their case - I was just sent information about Darin James appearing at Robbie Thomas' gong show and didn't want to wait to post the information.

The FACT that both of these lying pieces of shit contacted the Caughlin family (directly and through "associates") to claim they could help them is simply a coincidence and is not related to the following posting.  Neither Darin James or Robbie Thomas have solved criminal cases using their claimed psychic powers - if they claim otherwise, they're lying or mentally ill.)

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