Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Health: Worth Changing Pharmacies For

"It's one of those things that can't be repeated too many times, but homeopathy is ridiculous." - Orac

One of Sarnia's local pharmacies has a Homeopath - I've blogged about it before.  I was really (really - honestly - seriously) hopeful that the amount of bullsh*t that she'd try to push would be rather innocuous and she would encourage people to use the PROVEN remedies and just throw in some water (homeopathy - it's just water) to earn a few extra bucks for herself.  However, while I was driving by Hogan Pharmacy today, I saw a sign that made me lose ALL respect for Hogan Pharmacy.

Selling Homeopathy as a "complementary" (albeit useless) medicine is one thing - "yeah, keep taking the stuff that is actually doing something and to make you feel like you're doing something more, have these tiny sugar pills that will change nothing".  The following sign is not about "complementary" medicine - it is about avoiding REAL medicine and taking something that is going to do nothing but leave you susceptible to a REAL disease.

Influenza is something that can be deadly for some people and is definitely not a pleasant thing to endure.  The old saying is "Once you've had the flu, you'll never miss a flu shot" comes with the standard caveat of "if you survive the flu" but, otherwise, is pretty accurate.  Many often confuse a "common cold" with having influenza - they are not the same thing and the illness, though similar, comes with additional serious concerns.  Seasonal influenza is typically much worse than the common cold and will often lead to secondary infections (bacterial pneumonia) and can worsen chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and asthma.

For a pharmacy to suggest that there is an "alternative" (note: not complementary) method of protecting a person from getting seasonal flu is outright reckless.  Many people rely on their pharmacist to be knowledgeable and trustworthy and this borderlines on abuse of patients.  Homeopathic flu kits do not work. They put people at risk of real infection and the idea of a homeopathic prophylactic is absurd - not only does it go against the "laws" of Homeopathy itself but Homeopathy is blatantly absurd.  There is NO active medical ingredient (or should not be or it isn't homeopathic) in a homeopathic "remedy".

If you go to Hogan Pharmacy, you might want to consider switching.  At the very least let them know that pushing absolute stupid on a credulous and trusting public is a violation of trust.

Get your flu shot - it might not only be your life that you're saving - don't be a selfish prick. 

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RealityinSarnia said...

Take the "L" out of the word FLU in the sign to make it read truthfully!