Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pope on Gay Marriage

Recently the guy with the funny hat piped up about his views on gay marriage - he feels that "Gay marriage (is) a threat to humanity's future".

This from the same person who is against condoms and heads an organization exposed for its consistent and thorough cover-up of child sexual abuse (which included sodomy).  I will admit that there is a substantial difference between "gay marriage" and what the clergy were doing but it doesn't favour the Catholic Church.  Gay marriage is between consenting adults and the "gay sex" committed by the clergy was forced on young children (rape, we call it).

Back to what marriage is/should be all about - the Pope needs to be reminded of his "great book"...

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lozensage said...

It actually makes me feel ill to see that photo of the old King/Pope in the news. There he stands in his little lace skirt and red shoes surrounded by a cadre of his toadies telling everybody in the world what to do. Wonder how many thousands the church spends for all those costumes? Wonder who buttoned up his long skirt for him this morning. You know he didn't dress himself, cook his own breakfast. He's waited on hand and foot and surrounded by his toadies and beautiful works of art. It must be easy for him to think he's spokesman for god but I do not believe he is. Are there really so many masochists out there who need someone to keep hitting them over the head with prejudice and hate? Are there really so many who think he isn't quite insane on birth control, condom use in Africa, etc. He lives in rich seclusion with only other men. He is head of a powerful, wealthy, totalitarian organization that is pretty schizophrenic. Catholic charities do great things. Catholic hierarchy protects child molesters. Catholic church believes it is the only way, the only true religion, the only way to heaven. That basic teaching (and it's not limited to Catholics of course) is divisive, hateful, egotistical, totalitarian and has caused great dark evil in the world.
How can anyone sane seriously think 10 percent of the population who simply want to love who they love and want to love and rear children will ruin humanity? How can anyone sane go to Africa and tell people who are dying by the thousands of AIDS not to use condoms?