Monday, February 27, 2012

The Crime Robbie Thomas Didn't Solve

Firstly, the subject of this post could apply to every single case ever solved - Robbie Thomas has never solved a crime using his self-professed "psychic" powers.  In the interest of conserving words, any reference to "psychic" means "fake psychic" but since all psychics are fake, putting the word "fake" in front of "psychic" is not necessary.

For those that don't know, Robbie Thomas is a local (to Sarnia) individual who claims to have psychic powers.  Aside from not having something that he claims he does, Robbie Thomas lies frequently about his life and what he has done.  This article references one of the MANY cases that Robbie Thomas claims to have assisted the police in solving.  Sadly, reality couldn't be much different from Robbie's claims.

The case that I'm referring to in this post is that of Tori Stafford.  The trial for of the person accused of her murder has entered jury selection so it seems like a good time to remind people of the horrible injustice that Robbie Thomas did to this, already victimized, family.  To this day, Robbie Thomas (Poulton) of Sarnia posts a (supposed) copy of an email he received from Tori Stafford's aunt (on his site):

My family became acquainted with Robbie Thomas as we desperately searched for my niece Victoria (Tori) Stafford. Robbie contacted my mother on line, offering his services. Never having been in this type of situation before we were willing to take any offer of assistance to help us locate Tori. Many things that Robbie told have proven accurate though it is his being (rather than his gift) for which I will be eternally grateful. Although our situation ended with our greatest fears, I find peace in knowing we did everything we could have done to bring Victoria back to our family.

Robbie was an integral part of these efforts. Thanks to his gentle encouragement, we found ourselves providing police with information that we had not previously imagined to be of importance. We were given comfort, strength and support through Robbie’s involvement in our greatest time of need. As a result I will always be thankful that we were blessed with his benevolence. I wholeheartedly believe in his abilities, and I encourage others to accept his willingness to help.

With much love, respect and appreciation, I say thank you Robbie.

Rebecca Stafford (Nichols)
Rebecca does not say that Robbie solved the crime (Robbie didn't) but that "many things that Robbie told have proven accurate".  The reality is that Robbie probably made a few educated guesses and, with some retrofitting, they were "proven accurate".  What the inclusion of the word "many" suggests, however, is that there were also things that were incorrect/inaccurate.  One of those things, and something I'd have a hard time glossing over, is that Robbie Thomas claimed that Tori Stafford was still alive and would be returned home safely.  Even worse, he made these claims about a week after, we now know, she was brutally murdered and her body was discarded.

Robbie Thomas has lied about his involvement in a number of cases - some of the "references" that Robbie even uses on his site are from people who have since retracted their statements or have come forward to say that Robbie Thomas made up the statements himself.  (Read more about that on

Absent from the case against the co-accused in Tori Stafford's murder was the suggestion or claim that the police used information from any psychic to solve the crime.  I suspect that we will see the same with this up-coming trial.

Robbie Thomas did not solve the crime.  Robbie Thomas did not provide accurate information that could have helped solve the crime.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic.  So what is Robbie Thomas, then? A lying scumbag - Tori Stafford is not (and was not) alive and she will not be returning home.

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