Friday, March 30, 2012

Like god, Psychics Work in Mysterious Ways

Remember that murder that Robbie Thomas likes to claim he helped solve?  The one that he still uses to suggest he has psychic powers?  The one that he had helped, in no way, in solving?  Yes, I know, that only narrows it down to EVERY SINGLE CASE that Robbie claims to have been involved in.

No, remember the one that Robbie claimed, to the family, that the girl was still alive almost a week after, we now know, she was murdered?  (I'll admit that might not exclude very many but it does exclude some - given that it was a female!)  For those that guessed Tori Stafford, you're right.

Robbie Thomas claims to have been involved in solving the murder case and, if that's the case, Robbie Thomas is a fucking cell phone.  They didn't find Tori's body because of a psychic.  Nope, they found it because they used REAL police work and REAL evidence.

Here's the story - it doesn't say "Robbie Thomas is a liar" -  it doesn't have to, because we already knew that.  Robbie Thomas, in his claimed 20 years of "psychic criminal profiling" has never solved a crime using his claimed psychic abilities.  His claims that he has are lies.  In other words, he makes Weather Forecasters look like they've got perfect records!

A special note to my good friend Robbie Thomas:
Good work Robbie Thomas - you are a scumbag.  In the reality-based world that most of us live, we like to think that the people who actually do something should get the credit for it.  The police solved the crime, the real witnesses solved the crime, the community solved the crime.  You did not contribute, beneficially, to this case.  So, fuck off, you low-life piece of shit.  With love, Sarnia Skeptic.

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RealityinSarnia said...

Robbie (Poulton) Thomas, here is a Fuck-You from me too.