Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ali A. Rizvi: The Atheist Muslim

As I started to tackle my collection of books I purchased (and had signed!) at Imagine No Religion 7 in Toronto a couple weeks ago, I thought, "wow, this is a book I need to talk about".  The book is "The Atheist Muslim - A Journey from Religion to Reason" by Ali Rizvi.  It is a book that I will write about and, if you know me personally, be talking about.  I've only started it - nearing the 1/4 way mark - but I'm mentioning it now as my wife alerted me to a recent Facebook posting from The Thinking Atheist.

Here's the video The Thinking Atheist posted:

From what I've read, I must say that this will be placed as one of the best written and most important books of our time.

This isn't a book you should read, it is one you must read.

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