Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Your God

Any time I reference an absurdity related to a god, I’m not talking about your god. That is disrespectful and wrong – I would do nothing of the sort.

That is as equally true as when Sam Harris doesn’t talk about your god. Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Penn Jillette, Daniel Dennett and others NEVER talk about your god. Luckily your god is fine with me and with all of them.

We know it is not your god that we are referring to because we know you don’t believe that a man lived in a giant fish for three days. You definitely don’t believe the earth is less than ten thousand years old and, just as assuredly, you don’t believe in a talking snake, the existence of unicorns, fiery serpents or in insects with 4 legs.

Your god would not claim to be all knowing and then, in his perfect book, say the earth is flat; it has 4 corners and is circled by the sun. Your god, with ultimate knowledge, would never state that the value of pi is simply 3. Never!

We aren’t talking about your god when we talk about a god that can do anything but never has or about an intelligent designer that has created some pretty silly things. It definitely isn’t your god we talk about when we talk about a shoddy moral code being the best he could come up with. When your god put stuff in stone, it was only the wisest and most important things. Your god condemns killing, slavery, polygamy and he condemns child abuse.

It is not your god we talk about because the story about your god is unique – the virgin birth, the death and the resurrection after 3 days. Your holy book was written by eyewitnesses with no contradictions and nothing left out. Your book has overwhelming support from other historical records and matches up perfectly with what happened when your god sent his only son. As we learn more about the universe, the more we realize that your book is accurate.

Your god is not the one that kills millions of people in tsunamis – your god is the one that saves the single surviving child. Your god isn’t the one that lets millions of people die because of drought – he is the one that brings the only rainfall those areas see in months. Your god doesn’t give people cancer or diseases but is the one that miraculously cures the odd person who has been afflicted.

You must be really proud that you were brought up in a specific location by parents who happened to suggest (your god would not rely on indoctrination) the right god to believe in. I’m willing to bet that god was looking out for you! Could you imagine having been born in a different location and brought up in the wrong religion and worshipping the wrong god?

There are actually people out there who believe in people walking on water, talking serpents, world-wide floods that killed everything but a couple (or 7) of each animal who had a map to a particular guy’s house. Some people even believe that a man lived in a fish for three days or that the world was created in six days with light before there were light emitting objects and plants before there was even sunlight.

You must be glad you’re not one of those deluded people!

In the words of Ricky Gervais – “I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this article. Okay, that’s a lie.”


tina FCD said...

Nice post.

tina FCD said...

I was surprised to see an e-mail alert for your comment on my "simply me" blog.
I actually blog on Mister jebs blog, I hadn't been there in a long time.
I do like your blog and look forward to reading more. :)

felix said...

Nice, poking the Courtier through his eye from behind, figuratively. I got here from the now infamous 'virtuous woman' where you posted your link - a shameless but very justified plug.
It's mindboggling how they just cannot see what they are doing to their children and themselves. This is one of the cases where I really doubt the merits of parental autonomy and voting rights sometimes. Not that I have a better idea to reduce their influence on society and children.
I started the thread at rdnet about the Jean story. Amazing how it has spread since then. Apparently raising awareness works quite well and effectively in the web age.
It turns my stomach to think of all the people who applaud Jean for her views and methods, and more than a few of whom have children who presumably suffer the same way - just because there's no one to stand up for them and put an end to this religiously protected grievance. They are the same people who advocate beating children and animals with rods, whips and belts. And they can not see why that should be wrong. Insane.

sarniaskeptic said...

Felix - thanks for the post. I found the link to her site on as you referenced - thanks for alerting everyone!

I was bothered by what the lady had to say but, as you mention, to see so many people supporting her/agreeing with her is terrible (horrible, even).

I wrote the "Not Your God" piece because religious friends who went to see Religulous have generally said "Bill only shows the extremes and the absurd".

I would simply respond with "Do you believe in a talking snake?", "Do you believe in a 600 year old boat builder?", "Do you believe that the earth was created in 6 days?", "Do you think that humans walked alongside dinosaurs?", "Do you believe we came from two people - Adam (though not named Adam) and Eve?" or "Do you believe that Eve was made from a clipping of Adam?"

If they answer "Yes" to any of them (and so far everyone has answered yes to most), I simply ask "And that is more absurd than a man living in a giant fish for 3 days?"

If only logic worked on them.....

C Woods said...

I found a link to this post on agnosticism/atheism pages.

I enjoyed this post. Well-written.

I will put a link to this blog on my blog:

I'm sure others will enjoy it, too.

God Hates Uranus & Other Random Stuff said...

Awesome! Simply Awesome! I arrived here from Evil Jean's blog. Even before my deconversion from Evangelical Absurdity, I would never ever have treated my children like that, and, thankfully, for the most part, most of the Christians I know personally would condemn this woman as seriously deluded. I hope this woman has her child removed from her home.