Friday, March 13, 2009

The bible has the answers!

You may be surprised to learn that the bible has the answers to the financial crisis.

It definitely came as a surprise to me, as I've read the bible and never noticed anything about handling a suffering stock market. (I will admit that a few of my pages are stuck together - there are some pretty hot stories in the bible - so I may have missed a couple verses. Get over it - if you don't do it, it's because you can't reach. None of my pages are stuck together and I have read the complete bible - a couple different versions even.)

How do I know that the bible has the answer? I've read that it does, many times - not in my bible, but in letters to the editor for our local newspaper.

Upon thinking about it, however, I encourage EVERYONE to read their bible - in its entirety. It is the best thing that anyone could do - it may even be the solution to our failing economies. It's from here that I think I part ways with the letter writers.

The bible doesn't say what to do in financial crisis (okay, it does, it says "give all your money to the church so you can always be poor - you can't lose what you don't have". I just interpreted the bible and it doesn't say that word-for-word. The bible almost never does say what it means (apparently) - which is what is most amazing about it.) but it does say some other crazy things.

Reading the bible will open your eyes to the absurdity (YES!) of your beliefs (and back up/reaffirm an atheist's position) and maybe, just maybe, help you free yourself from the oppression of your religion. You, in turn, may open your eyes to what science has to offer and, counter to your current position, support embryonic stem cell research, true science education and even rational thinking.

Science and technology are what made our nations so great. It is what drives economies and it is the greatest chance we have in ending our financial crisis.

Letter writers: You are right, the bible does have the answer. It's time you read it yourself.

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