Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holy (yeah right) F#$kin' Crap

This has almost nothing to do with skepticism, atheism or anything but, hey, this is MY blog! This is related to my blog from earlier today in that it is about

The festival organizers for this event must be crazy - their prices are so unbelievably low, that I think I'm going to spend the weekend at the event. (I am a closet KISS fan, anyway.)

I generally write about things that "fire me up" and I have to say that something is completely crazy here - so I'm going to write about it. (I just called the phone number on the website and they've confirmed these are the prices - though maybe only for a limited time!)

Counting Crows - $23
KISS - $40
Stone Temple Pilots - $27

For all 3 shows - $58

Tim McGraw - $47
Brad Paisley - $37

For all 5 shows - $100 - that's $20/show if you go see them all!

This is Canadian funds (there is a ticket service fee but not as bad as ticketmaster) too!

What pisses me off, though, is that I just bought tickets to see The Tragically Hip in London (about an hour away) and they charged me $55 (for the ticket, there were service fees too!). THE HIP for $55 OR I can go see 3 shows (3 nights) - Counting Crows (with The Trews!!), KISS and Stone Temple Pilots for $58?

I'm thinking that I got screwed on my Hip tickets.

Sorry for the interruption to the regular ramblings.

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