Monday, December 21, 2009

God is not an idiot - No non-existing entity is (or can be)

We all know that whatever happens to our planet (ie. global warming) is in god's plan and we shouldn't do anything to stop it.

Keep that in mind the next time something bad happens - ie. a car accident. Do NOT stop to help someone, it is in god's plan. Stop screwing with god's actions!

I bring this up because a religidiot recently wrote in to the paper to encourage us to read our bible because it has so many truths in it. He also points out the environmentalists are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia. Read the letter yourself: (note: for people who can't handle the idiocy of Harry's email, there is a response to him that follows)

Sir:A Toronto newspaper made an urgent appeal for public support for global governments regulating man-made gas emissions, in order to save the plant from destruction. Not necessarily true for the newspaper's editorial staff, but generally speaking, there are those, be it a minority, in this push for climate control (even if it means all nations will go bankrupt and lose their sovereignty to big-brother government(Competition for non-existent sky-daddy alert)) that are interested in saving the planet and all that it contains, except for its human inhabitants.
These pro warming or green globalist elites haven't any qualms for controlling or limiting the human population by mainly abortion and euthanasia. (Over population IS a problem but not solved by either abortion or euthanasia, it is best solved by encouraging priests to make more kool-aid.)
What good is it to save the planet without its human beings? (Ummm, we're not talking about saving the planet, you idiot. We're talking about enabling survival of humanity.)
The newspaper even had to admit reluctantly the unfortunate situation (for them) that there were scientists for global warming who were caught covering up by somehow distorting the scientific data. (Clearly Harry hasn't read his bible (see below) nor has he read past the headline for "climategate" is not what "climategaters" would like to think it is. They must figure that most people will, like themselves, not look it up.) Nevertheless, they stated the evidence was still there that the sky is about to fall unless we all do something quick about the climate.
That's an oxymoron. If anything, what this tampering and falsifying of scientific facts reveals is that the evidence must point in the other direction (False dichotomy - look it up. And I mean to suggest that even if his point were true about the falsification - which it isn't) -- that the universe is not about to implode upon our heads after all. (Nobody said anything about AGW causing the universe to implode. Okay, 'cept maybe idiots like Harry and his ilk.)
How insulting it must be to God (I've done my best to insult sky-daddy and his followers and thank you, Harry, for giving me such credit. Jesus loves you.) for us mere (you're mere, not I) mortals to think that we can upset the apple cart of God's finely precision-tuned, ever-expanding universe, but not so wonderfully created that man-made smoke, smog or whatever type of gas we spew into the atmosphere can knock the universe all out of kilter. (And not so finely precision-tuned that 99.9999% of the universe is not hospitable to his focus of creation. I'm not saying "God" is an idiot - you shouldn't be anthropomorphizing non-existent entities so I'm not going to!) Would that not mean that man is, in a sense, more powerful than God (Yep! I'm more powerful (really) than Santa Claus, unicorns, talking snakes, dragons, 600 year old boat builders, etc. Imagine it up and I'm more powerful than it.) or that man controls the climate and not God?
The Bible paints a scenario, especially in the Book of Revelation, of global warming of all sorts, all directed and controlled by Him alone. (If it is "Him" alone that controls all that, geez, what an assface! And I mean that in the "love your neighbour" kind of way. Damn it, I gave his imaginary friend human characteristics but Harry did it first.)
We would all do well to read the Bible -- for many reasons, of course (especially 'cause it has some pretty cool shit in it - Threesomes - two daughters with their father(and bible lovers wonder where porn studios come up with the ideas!), women bringing other women home for their husbands, murder, genocide, contradictions, absurdities and a whole bunch of other stuff common to mythology!!!!) -- but also to stay current with today's events. (Actually, "but also to keep your head shoved up your middle-age-worshipping ass")
-- Harry DeBoer Wyoming

And then, this weekend, someone with some sense actually gets a letter published in the same paper (Woohoo for another sane person in Sarnia)

Sir: I'm writing to rebut a dangerous opinion advocated by Mr. DeBoer in his letter to the editor, "Why save the planet without humans?" (The Observer, Dec. 15, 2009).
In his criticism of taking action against global warming, he says that "The Bible paints a scenario... of global warming... all directed and controlled by Him 1/8Christian God 3/8 alone." The implication is that we, humans, need not worry about issues like global warming because it is all God's will. This is a dangerous philosophy. This is the same line of thinking that allows sick children to die while devout parents delay travelling to the hospital waiting for God's healing. This is the line of thinking that advocates the suppression of birth control because God will feed the planet even at 10 billion. This is the line of thinking that promotes complacency in a world of 25,000 stockpiled nuclear weapons.
We need to take action to preserve our species. Acting against climate change isn't for the planet, it's for us and our current way of life.
Mr. DeBoer jokes that climate change advocates think that "whatever type of gas we spew into the atmosphere can knock the universe all out of kilter," but I assure him that is not the case. Our planet is only one of nine, orbiting a star that is one of 400 billion, in a galaxy that is one of billions. The universe, and the planet, will be fine, even without us.
Human history has been shaped by people taking action and, regardless of the deity fashionable at the time, will continue to be so shaped. It is irresponsible and dangerous to sit back and wait for God to save us. -- Brendan Wilson Sarnia

My only problem with Brendan's letter is his lack of ridicule. Otherwise, great work Brendan.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, I'll go for some 3 somes. Where can I get some of that?

Anonymous said...

Lot conspires with god (that part is left out of the bible) to kill his wife so he can father his daughters' children.

Even pornographers are above murder. That god character is gangsta!

NathanColquhoun said...

For f*ck's always post the best letters (there is a reason i don't read our paper), but there is a strong chance I'll have to respond to this letter.

sarniaskeptic said...

Nathan, I don't get The Observer either - people send me links to these things (and, at times, I'll browse The Observer site but not so much since they banned me from posting for stating the obvious).

Our local paper is filled with some extremely bizarre stuff - I wonder if maybe they just wish they could put stories about alien abductions but aren't allowed so they settle for the next craziest thing - deluded wingnuts who voluntarily send in whacky letters.

Letters from people like you are far too normal. Good luck with it :)

Oh.. could you kindly point out, too, that Jesus wasn't born on December 25 (the bible doesn't suggest that!) (I'd go further to suggest that he was never born at all but I'd settle for the paper simply publishing that Dec 25 definitely was not the day.)

Anonymous said...

Sir Issac Newton was born on December 25 (Julian Calender).

Their jc never existed - there is no proof of it.

NathanColquhoun said...

Bah, I got your response to late, I was all excited to write a letter and sent it in already, I'll be sure to send it to you if I get word that it makes it.

Anonymous said...

Is Nathan becoming rational and a skeptic? Could we be liberating him from his delusion?

We should get him a copy of "The God Complex" so he could see how ridiculous religion is.

sarniaskeptic said...

Anonymous: Many months ago, Nathan had sent a letter to the editor (and The Observer published it) to point out many of the flaws in the "church" and "religion".

I would suggest to you that he is a rational god believer not a religidiot. I can't see that being a tenable position (and I'm not an accommodationist) but I welcome the work he is doing to "stir it up".

But, heck, Nathan can speak for himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarniaskeptic, did you see "The God Complex" movie yet? If so, how did you like it? I watched it again yesterday and it is just as funny! Being a low budget movie adds to the humor!

sarniaskeptic said...

The God Complex - I've seen about 3/4 of it. It is low budget, I'll admit.

My wife and I are going to watch it, in its entirety, sometime in the very near future. It is still in my DVD player.

Anonymous said...

Nathan responds in the Observer. Nope, he is still delusional! Amazing how they can spin anything to follow their fairy tale bible!

NathanColquhoun said...

You can read the response here.

Call it delusion if you will. I prefer to try and speak to people at their own level of belief. If someone believes the Bible is the "Word of God" then there is no point in arguing using philosophical or logic, you have to use their own texts. So that's what I did. I think it's a better way to argue. Become more knowledgeable then the fanatics at their own game and show them the flaws using their own texts.

I of course have plenty of other reasons why I think that Deboer's off his rocker. Also, I'm sure (I hope) 'anonymous' doesn't think that referencing the Bible at anytime all of sudden creates delusion, or do you?

Anonymous said...

Brendan's letter is wonderful. Nice to see someone with some sense and a very good way of getting his point across.

Anonymous said...

Nathan. Have you seen the movie "The Invention of Lying"? Go rent it or download it. You will like it.

NathanColquhoun said...

I haven't, but it is on my list of movies to see :)

sarniaskeptic said...

My wife and I saw "The Invention of Lying" on the "big screen" shortly after it came out.

You can tell someone's "beliefs" by their reaction to the movie "the first two thirds was funny" means "I'm a believer".

It sure has to make you ask questions, if you truly belief in an afterlife, etc.

Ricky Gervais, like in The Office, provides for an awkwardness that is quite enjoyable (mostly at his expense!).

NathanColquhoun said...

Just watched invention of lying, excellent story/movie. I love ricky gervais and this was an excellent social commentary I thought.

I enjoyed the pizza boxes and that whole scene of him making stuff up on the go as people were trying to figure out what this was all about.

Overall it was great!