Monday, December 28, 2009

Sorry Elsie, It's Not Freedom From Being Offended

A blog reader sent me a link to a recent Letter to the Editor from an "Elsie Morrison" in Sarnia.

Elsie, though probably pleasant and a shitload of fun at parties, decided to write a letter that made her look silly. Here it is:

Sir: As a Canadian who loves this country so much, a country based on freedom for all, my heart is heavy.
When our country was founded, it stated "In God We Trust" (No it didn't. The preamble says "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognized the supremacy of God and rule of law." It is the preamble and completely contrary to section 2 of the ACTUAL charter.). To hear that some other faiths, who we have so freely welcomed, now want to destroy that is heart-wrenching. (Imagine what the native population thinks of you, you ignorant fool.)
Canadians stand up for freedom. (Yes, freedom to believe whatever you want and also the freedom of speech - you are not free from being offended.) Christianity is the only religion that gives others the freedom to worship as they choose. (Is that so? I'm sure there are a few people (Galileo, "witches", etc
.) who would disagree with that statement. Oh.. and your letter to the editor doesn't quite suggest that.)
Government officials get some backbone, protect our freedoms. How horrible that we have welcomed all and you seek to destroy the very choice of freedom you came to Canada to find. (Do immigrants immigrate to be oppressed? Sorry, I must have missed that in their list of reasons for immigrating.) Everyone please help. (Help Elsie understand that she worships a middle-aged mythological god that was copied so heavily from other mythological gods that he/she's a worthless poser. Yes, Elsie, there is no god.)
--Elsie Morrison Sarnia

This reminds me of a line from Finnian's Rainbow: "My family has been having trouble with immigrants ever since we came to this country." Canada is a diverse nation - a secular nation at that.

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