Friday, March 26, 2010

Woohoo Robbie Thomas - All New and Upbeat!!!

Robbie Thomas' Psychic Justice fan page on facebook has been updated - apparently he wants us to continue our efforts 'cause he ain't givin' up yet!

"GET READY INDIANA, KENTUCKY, ST. LOUIS, MINNESOTA, IOWA AND MICHIGAN...This is the New Psychic Justice Tour, Just got off the phone with all different police departments in each city, the tour is gonna ROCK YA! Tickets go on sale real soon, limited seating everything all new and upbeat...ready to ROCK...DON'T MISS THIS......!!!! LIVE COLD CASE READINGS AND MINI AUDIENCE READINGS...YA BABY!!!!!!"

I do appreciate Robbie's honesty in this one.  He, in all caps, lets us know that few people will be attending his shows ("MINI AUDIENCE").  Starting out his statement with a little game of "Which of these does not belong?" was cool too.  Kind of like how Delta's new e-ticket comes with a soduku puzzle on the page.  In case you didn't catch it, it's "St. Louis".  (Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan are all states.  I called St. Louis and "What the heck are you talking about? We don't work with psychics.  I think someone is lying to you." is all the officer really had to say about Robbie Thomas.  Maybe Robbie called to see if they had any unsolved cases - so he could lie about his involvement in them (which has always puzzled me) - why does he claim to be involved in unsolved cases?  Doesn't that, alone, prove that he's a lying liar and that he doesn't have psychic abilities?  Robbie Thomas Solved Cases Counter: 0.)

"New Psychic Justice Tour" suggests that Robbie's show wasn't "postponed" because of a "sudden life-threatening illness of an immediate family member".  Having fewer than 40 people buy tickets in your hometown would probably be a pretty good indication that what Robbie is selling, people aren't buying. 

I also find it odd that the show is no longer "presented" by "Labyrinth Entertainment" - remember them? Their great leader was the one who claimed that people feared for an anthrax attack.  (As difficult as it might be to believe, Robbie is still a bigger slimeball and I applaud John for dumping that scumbag.)

Robbie - since your old show wasn't "upbeat" and "all new", maybe you could retry it in Sarnia?  I'd love to attend the show. ;-)  Luckily, I'm willing to travel.  ("Hate Group" members, contact me if you want to carpool.

Sorry for the rambling post - I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I'm so excited that Robbie is hitting the road again.

(Note: You might want to check out his promo video for this whole new tour! or something like that.)


Anonymous said...

The video captured the essence of Robbie Perfectly :)

Blog Poster said...

Labyrinth Entertainment did not drop Psychic Robbie Thomas. They go back some ways.

It's all about $$$$.

sarniaskeptic said...

The "new" poster for Robbie's tour, however, has had the "Presented by Labyrinth Entertainment" replaced with "Presented by Robbie Thomas Offices(R)".

The editing of the image was pretty slick (not really) and obviously didn't involve the original artwork (a black line covered over the old artwork and "Robbie Thomas Offices(R)" was typed over top of that.

Maybe John doesn't want to be part of a sinking ship.

I hope this, however, doesn't discourage John (and Robbie) from suing me, though. I'd hate to think that the only reason they're not going to bring it before the courts is because the tour tanked and they can't afford it.

After all, if our(I hope I'm part of it) "hate group" really was planning an anthrax attack, simply being proven a liar in court is a small price to pay for John and Robbie protecting the masses (masses = less than 40 people) from one that was never going to happen (and they knew it).

sarniaskeptic said...

As an update, even the Robbie Thomas Psychic Justice fan page has the "Labyrinth Entertainment Presents" replaced with the Robbie Thomas Offices (in the text below the image). Yesterday's "capture" of the page has "Labyrinth Entertainment" still.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas' office is his wife.

That Labyrinth group is just as slimy as Robbie, so I doubt they are seeing the light.

They are exiting because the tour sucks, and there is no money in it.

They will probably announce something like they did when the Paranormal Conference in Fort Wayne Indiana was shut down.

They blamed bad publicity about Robbie Thomas and his fake work on a local cold case. They said they were going to sue the police department and the local TV station for telling the story (THE TRUTH!)

They never sued either.

Then they blamed the economy.

They never blamed Robbie Thomas and his fraudulent acts.

The organizer, just like this one, was a friend of Robbie Thomas and a business partner.

sarniaskeptic said...

Robbie has a new website. I suspect that we'll know, officially, what happened with Labyrinth in the very near future. (Labyrinth was doing his website and his artwork - Robbie is now using someone more local.)

I've heard from a number of people that John Ramses is a decent guy and he was probably only protecting Robbie as his manager. I hope that he has dropped Robbie and will do the right thing - expose Robbie for what he is.

In case you know John, have him email me at if he has anything he wants us to get out.

Anonymous said...

This site goes to a blank page now.

Where's Robbie?!

Anonymous said...

I noticed on his new site all the quotes from the "police officers" and "family members" are now gone.

They are replaced with quotes from his NEW manager! haha "He's a super nice guy!"

Anonymous said...

You've been bad, very bad!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a letter from Frances Etienne about the Ceaser Cano case Robbie thinks he solved.

Isn't this the same Frances who said she was used by Robbie Thomas and then exposed him as a fraud?

sarniaskeptic said...

That IS the same Frances. Robbie, like in the criminal cases, believes that he is allowed to use stuff even after he has been told not to.

What's even worse is that Robbie, most likely, made most of that letter up.

We shouldn't be surprised, there isn't much that Robbie won't do to further himself.

Unknown said...

Robbie does nothing more than build a bigger and bigger web of lies and BS. I can tell the future....Robbie's events will fail and he will fade away. He just does not have the talent or intelligence to pull off such a scam....but he is trying...