Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Expression Cartoon Winners or The Wonderful Catholic Church

The Council for Secular Humanism has announced their cartoon contest winners and the winner couldn't be more fitting for these times.

My wife and I were just discussing the recent (and continued) revelations about the seemingly ritual sexual abuse by priests and the subsequent cover-ups in the Catholic Church.  It is quite frustrating when you consider what has happened and what is happening - if this were your local non-profit organization (or Via Rail?), people would have been fired, charges would have been laid and the organization would drastically change. 

Why does that not happen in this case?  Not only have there been substantial amounts of horrid and disgusting acts towards countless numbers of children (and adults) but, when the church was informed about it, they put most of their efforts into keeping it from getting public.  The priests were shuffled, the victims were silenced and pope continued on as if nothing had happened - because your dollar was more important than the rights and lives of the victims.  Even now that that has been uncovered, millions and millions of people still hold firm to the Catholic Church with few obviously willing to speak out against the builders of their favourite house of cards.

I recall a TV show covering the sexual abuse a few years ago - I think the show was "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" - and I paraphrase one of their "news" segments here: "Catholics are calling for an end to their doctrine of abstinence in light of recent revelations about systemic sexual abuse within the church…. I think, given what is happening in the church, they don’t need to end their doctrine of abstinence, they need to enforce it."

Better yet, Sell the Vatican, Feed the World.

(You can see the cartoon winners here:

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