Monday, April 5, 2010

You Must Be This Stupid to Ride This Ride

"Consistency" is about the only positive thing I can say our local paper, the Sarnia Observer.

Our paper consistently gets stupid letters from the same outwardly "pious" individuals and, apparently, the articles meet the level of stupid required to get printed. The Sarnia Observer is at least consistent in that manner.

I have suggested before that possibly our local paper only posts such inanity because of the silliness of what is said (or maybe they want to read what I have to say about it on my blog - 'cause they've banned me from commenting on their site, it can't be that they want more comments from me there OR I don't meet the minimum level of stupid that they require. I'm sorry if my logic and skepticism isn't welcome).

In yesterday's paper, there is a letter (another one) from Harry De Boer from Wyoming.

Since the paper seems to be removing letters to the editor after a certain period of time, here is the letter in its entirety:

Sir:The backlash in the United States to President Obama's socialist agenda is a welcome event for those who value Judeo-Christian ethics. ("Judeo-Christian" just refers to the love affair the two religions have had since the former killed the non-extistent founder of the latter. Hitler was a Catholic - and he loved the Jews - maybe in the way that people today like their pork or chicken - fully cooked. I'm completely aware that such a statement may offend some people - but it's not a time to sugarcoat this - killing people because of religion is what other religions have done best.) 

Canadians should also counter this "state intrusion" into the private sector and our personal lives, for the well-being of all citizens.

When government goes beyond their God-given limited mandate (The killing of innocent people should be left to 'God', apparently.  Not that you'd suggest taking that job away from him, he's been awfully successful at it lately - with Haiti, Chile and all.) -which is mainly administrating justice to all, maintaining law and order, keeping us safe from internal and external enemies, and protecting our collective rights and freedoms as outlined in the Charter (rights and freedoms reflective and based on the preamble eluding to the 10 Commandments) (Which commandment was that, again?)   -then we got bad governance, like Robin Hood (at least Harry is consistent and refers simply to myths and folklore - Robin Hood is a better story, if you omit the part in the bible where the wives bring home other women for their husbands or the part where two sisters rape their father or even the part where the guy gets told, by 'God', to kill his own son.) stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Obviously, this violates the law "You shall not steal." As a result of this particular violation, we reap what we sow. (I forgot that Jesus was all about protecting the riches of the few.  Matthew 19:24 says something like "He who dies with the most toys, wins." Maybe I paraphrased.)

Therefore, in my opinion, we are witnessing the "tanking" of economies throughout the world because of government overreach into areas best left to the private sector, and that includes our cherished twins, the "sacred cows" of public health and public education. (Oh, that's news to the people who actually live in the real world.  I think before we go back to private education, we should let them figure out their marketing slogan... "Private education... because shouldn't every kid be sexually abused by a priest?" or "Private education... don't deprive your children of a 'hands on' educational experience.")

Socialism or "statist" government is not only immoral (Taking care of your fellow humans is moral, doing things in hopes of an eternal reward is selfish.), but impractical (Wholly sh!t, you're right - if your goal is to control the masses and to keep people from succeeding. For Harry, churches should be the ones controlling the people - because what poor people really want is to go to an expensive building once a week to be told how grateful they should be that they're poor.). It does more damage than good, where our elected officials become more of a liability than an asset, as noticed in Ontario, also going into the red, and moreso if Premier McGuinty is allowed to implement the HST and expand education facilities at our expense. (Wow!) 

The alternative to socialism is free enterprise. I'm being somewhat facetious perhaps, but think of all the money one could earn on that portion that would otherwise be taxed, outside of the necessary function of our provincial and federal parliamentarians (Or think about how many more churches you selfish bastards could build and how many more people could be oppressed and be contributing their money to worthless causes (building better parking lots and bigger churches).  Imagine how many more people would, falsely, assume that you're doing things to help the poor when most (some churches spend all of their donated money simply on the church and its staff) of the money is spent on upkeep and proselytizing.). If wisely invested (in Harry's church), it would give one a much greater band (bang, you mean? Yeah, prayer is better than medical treatment and reading the same horrible book is better than a real education.  It is times like these that I realize the people who don't accept evolution must have benefitted from fewer positive mutations.) for the buck than investing in government so to speak.

The return on private investment could be so great that one could purchase (to secure their health) their own hospital with all the necessary doctors, nurses and equipment to boot. (I see how it is - only the rich should be entitled to health care - that's worked everywhere else but only for the rich.  It must be nice to be Harry - he just doesn't want others ever to find out how nice it really is. F#$k those that can't make it on their own - like the countless babies who will be born if Harry gets his other wish.(see below))

That percentage we give to our political representatives for unneeded and controversial endeavours is wasted money.  (There is government waste, yep.  I bet more is wasted in your cults, however, Harry.)

The ultimate tragedy of corrupt socialism is the great harm to our children and grandchildren who we are destroying either literally (killing them by abortion)(Abortion card trumps everything.  Well played, scumbag.) or figuratively (the ones who are born, we collectively burden them with a horrific financial debt, killing their spirit) (At least the "spirits" of children aren't killed when they're raped or molested - especially by a family member - and then forced to carry a baby to term because some assface like Harry De Boer has no real compassion for a person after they exit the birth canal.  If it wasn't for abortion, a bunch of priests would have a lot more explaining to do, too.  I'm not pro-abortion, I'm not pro-death - the abortion issue, however, isn't black and white).

It's the children who are the biggest losers due to our failure to rule ourselves properly and we are all to blame, not only our leaders. For we, the people (the real government) by and large have given consent to state control.

-- Harry De Boer Wyoming


Anonymous said...

I was going to write a letter to the editor about this. The dutch community in Sarnia has quite the nerve. This guy is worse than Henk Vandenende .

Anonymous said...

That's the Sarnia Disturber for you.
We gave up on it years ago.