Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help Solve the Karen Caughlin Case

The Caughlin family and the Ontario Provincial Police are seeking your assistance in solving the Karen Caughlin murder.  Decals are available for anyone interested in helping promote this case.

The more decals that are placed on vehicles, the louder Karen’s voice becomes! The louder Karen’s voice becomes, the more powerful the message is to a child killer who has walked free for 36-years! Please join our campaign for Justice for Karen! – The Caughlin Family

To receive a car decal contact caughlink@shaw.ca

Visit the Ontario Provincial Police site for more information on the case.

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Lauren Kinnison said...

Just so you all know ... Robbie Thomas claims that Kathy Caughlin was the ONLY member of the Caughlin family that wouldn't support him and that the rest of the family is all for Robbie "working" the Karen Caughlin case.
This is another example how Robbie tries to win people to his side.