Monday, June 28, 2010

Does the Pope think before he speaks?

The Associated Press has a recent news story about the Pope's feelings regarding the Belgian raids (trying to get information regarding Priestly sexual abuse).  The title of the story was: "Pope deplores Belgian sex raids, stresses autonomy".  The headline was disturbing but I was confident that it was completely taken out of context with the intention of selling papers and not truly what the Pope felt/believed.  I was, as I am so often, wrong.

The Pope actually said the raids were "deplorable".  The word "deplorable" is more rightly applied to the systemic abuse of children at the hands of Priests.  Even more accurate is the application of the word "deplorable" to the cover-up of these acts by the very people who are supposedly the moral authorities.

The Pope is out of touch with reality and not interested in solving the problem - he is now acting as a willing co-conspirator and should be tried for crimes against humanity

What is the Catholic Church afraid of? 
If it has nothing to hide, its goal should now be transparency - to show the world the truth and give people the confidence that they are trying to right their wrongs.  At this point in time they appear to be attempting to save face and protect what is left of the Catholic Church.  I suspect that the Catholic Church's secrets are a little dirtier than we think.

It's time to Sell The Vatican, Feed The World.


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church is truly deplorable. That they have a single member is astonishing.

Anonymous said...

You can't ever be surprised at the absurdity of the catholic church. If Ratty made a point that seemed logical you would think he stabilized on his meds.

It is good to see that we dont need to quote him out of context to make him look like a lunatic.

Gauldar said...

I'm sure Catholics all around the world can do perfectly fine without him.

Anonymous said...

Imagine a leader of the Catholic Church who was interested in protecting the children!

You'll have to imagine it because it isn't real. Just like God, Allah and Zeus.