Monday, June 14, 2010

Medical Intuition

A couple readers have sent me emails about a "company" in town called "Withinsight".  I haven't had much of a chance to check out their site but with the constant emails, I thought I should take a look.

Listed on, you will find a variety of services offered (I've made them links to things you might find interesting):

Craniosacral Therapy
Subtle Touch Body Therapy (Something Kathy just made up) Read this anyway
Medical Intuition (Body Scans)
Workstation Ergonomics
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Past Life Regression
Ion Foot Cleanse
Paraffin Wax Therapy
Chakra Energy Balancing
Nutritional Counselling
Foot Reflexology
Meditation & Relaxation
Registered Massage Therapy

For those who aren't going to bother to follow the links above, I thought I'd post what is found on as it relates to "medical intuition".  Simply reading it should make some people laugh - it just really isn't funny because people believe this crap and actually forgo REAL medical attention because some quack has sold them on these crazy ideas.  The harm is real.

Medical Intuition is a way of stepping into a person's energy field and scanning for information about that person. And it's not as rare or as strange as it sounds. In fact, many people - parents in particular - do it without knowing. How many times have you met someone for the first time and gotten a 'bad' feeling about him or her? That's intuition. And how many times have you woken in the middle of night knowing your child was not well. That's intuition, too. People trained as "medical intuitives" do the same thing - except the scanning is very thorough and can be done 'on demand'.

Kathy Milliken was trained by Lisa Dennys of Inner Access 101 in Lori Wilson's Total Body Intuition in 2005. Kathy now uses her skills to track your body's energy to seek out causes of physical and emotional conditions or imbalances.

This can be especially helpful if you have been searching - without success - for the underlying source of a chronic condition. For instance, perhaps you occasionally experience tightness in your back. You realize this only happens at family dinners. Maybe it's general anxiety about preparing food for a large group of people or maybe it can be traced back to a time when your brother pushed you off a swing and you had the wind knocked out of you. Either scenario could be true and Kathy can help you identify the root.

Medical Intuition can also be helpful in tracing the origins of seemingly inexplicable phobias.

Scanning can be done in person or over the phone (at a distance). For more information about Medical Intuition, contact Kathy Milliken (M.A.) at (519) 344-xxxx.

It is clear that no matter how crazy an idea is, you can probably con someone into falling for it.  Thinking could, truly, save your life.


SherwoodSkeptic said...

Just got back from fantasy land - the within sight website. What a load of horseshit. How do these people find enough gullible customers to stay in business? (As I wrote the last sentence, I remembered a conversation I had with my mom a little while ago. She wanted my sister to consider homeopathy to treat my niece's brain tumours. After a quick description she decided it may not help and abandoned the idea.)
But really, it's so easy to research anything. How can anyone believe you can remove toxins from your body with an "ion foot cleanse"?
I trust our new hospital will be bringing in some of these "medical intuitionists" to replace those archaic MRI machines.

RealityinSarnia said...

I can't believe all the woo in that one little shop of quacks! I guess if one woo doesn't work, they can try another form.

For a town of 73,000, we sure do have a lot of nuts who try to sell their woo.

Kathy Milliken and Ruthanne Soutter is somehow connected to the Waterbug store too! Will need to look more into that store as well.

Chakra Energy Balancing

Ruthanne Soutter

Chakras are "wheels of energy" continually processing information about our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health. Often this process is interrupted by stress, fatigue and illness. Ruthanne enhances your own body's ability to self-heal and re-energize by channelling loving, compassionate energy to it. Connect with your energy and resonate body with mind, with spirit through in-person or through distance healing.

I like how they can do it at a distance and get paid for it too. Sounds a lot like a psychic hotline service to me. How many nuts in Sarnia actually pay for this crap?

Anonymous said...

Realityinsarnia, the whole site is packed with stupid. I bet that katyh and ruthanne often re-read their website and have a collective laugh.

Anonymous said...

More woo woo

RealityinSarnia said...

Wholly crap! That one seems even worse. Hiding on the 6th floor too.

I can see another blog coming!

RealityinSarnia said...

8 practitioners work there!

Check out what Christine Caldwell does... colon irrigation (certified Colon Hygienist) Sounds like a shitty job to me!

The others a hilarious as well!

Question, why are these people all women? Are women the only ones so gullible to make this their living?

Ryan Hulshof said...

You know, a peaceful handing out of flyers in front of one of these places would probably do a world of good. Have a few people take shifts one day a week ( their busiest day hopefully. ) for about a month.

In my experience you would want 2 people first reason being if the woosters try anything illegal, or claim anything illegal was tried there is another witness. And 2 any more and it seems like an attack.