Saturday, September 25, 2010

Larry Moran on Naturopathy

Larry Moran has his own blog, Sandwalk, and it is one that I often forget to glance at.  Larry Moran is kind of like our very own (Canada's, I mean) PZ Myers.  As a side note, PZ and Larry are friends - I actually got to spend some time with Larry and PZ during one of PZ's talks in Toronto that Larry helped organize.  (I also shared a table with Larry at a CFI Conference in Washington, D.C. - so I am sure that his blog is not just a "persona" - it is the very real Larry Moran).

I was altered to Larry's blog when I checked my Twitter account (yeah, I'm on twitter - I thought it was for twits, so I signed up.  It turns out that it is for tweets but how was I to know?).  I don't often check Twitter so if you include me in one of your tweets, I apologize now for not quickly responding.

Naturopathy has received some press recently in Ontario (We went crazy stupid and allowed Naturopaths to do something they should never be allowed to do.) and it seemed fitting with my references in the past couple of days (ear candling, acupuncture) that Larry Moran would give his nice and gentle explanation of what Naturopathy is.  I just wish Larry wouldn't hold back - he needs to call it as he sees it :)

Having read that, you might be interested in an article on CFI's site.  Naturopathy, it seems, is like Chiropractic and god - as a commenter on this site pointed out - neither are sensible propositions and any clear definition is easily dismissed with simple argument.

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