Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learn to be Psychic in 10 easy lessons:

If you haven't been by or are not a regular subscriber to their magazine, you may have missed this little gem.

From - (

(Psychic powers almost certainly do not exist.  Robbie Thomas is not psychic and we hope that you will support our effort to Stop Robbie Thomas.)


Anonymous said...

There is a flyer on a door at Eastland Plaza promoting a psychic. The Indian Road and Devine street area already has a firebug on the loose. Now us neighborhood residents have to walk past an ugly flyer promoting a psycic. .-. LOL.-.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit it worked !! I read the step by step guide and I am now Psychic, I'm gonna e mail Robbie and tell him to read this article, if it worked for me I'm sure it will work for him, then he can carry on his path of saving the world

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas was called upon by US Marshals recently. He also claims to work with scientists and IBM's "inventor"


Anonymous said...

Radio show with Robbie. Don't listen if you are hoping to leave thinking that Robbie is even remotely intelligent.