Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada Website: Just like Homeopathy

The Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada website (which was launched in 2008) is, as the title suggests, just like Homeopathy.

How, you ask?

1.) For the most part, it has nothing in it.  Most of the links have no content (ie. "Work in progress. Please visit again to view these details.")
2.) There is nothing helpful in the site.
3.) It is completely useless.
4.) It can distract you from going to something that might actually be worthwhile.

See for yourself:

(This was going to be a blog entry about a Woo-woo homeopathic practitioner in Watford - YAY WATFORD!! - named Amanda Brown but after I had written the entry, I looked for some links to include about Homeopathy and came across this one.  The link talks about what is found on the Society of Homeopath's website about Homeopathy - something I didn't think they'd really admit to.  As a result I wanted to see what Canada's own "group" had to say about Homeopathy... apparently not much.)

But I can't let Amanda Brown off so easily.  Amanda has a flyer about "Homeopathic Flu Prophylaxis".  What is amazing about Homeopathic Flu Protection, as Amanda states it, is that it "has been proposed as safe and effective way to protect against childhood and other epidemic diseases including influenza."  Seriously!  She is claiming that a non-existent amount of the flu virus contained in a highly-dilute liquid can protect against more than just the flu!

"This remedy is a homeopathic preparation of the flu virus.  It is produced by Dolisos Pharmacy, using the flu virus strain recommended by the World Health Organization vaccine production."  (Interestingly, the World Health Organization doesn't produce vaccines.)

She then claims "the remedies used for homeopathic protection are prepared according to safe homeopathic principles.  They are free of harmful components... " (Hmmm, it contains the ACTUAL flu virus (which vaccines don't, by the way) and thus the statement is not true or it doesn't contain the flu virus and the former statement isn't true.)  It continues "...and capable of stimulating a strong protective response from the body, increasing its resistance to disease."  Really? You have the nerve to state that when there isn't a single scientific study to support your claims? 

Here's my favourite part... "Homeopathic flu protection is safe for all ages.  It can be used with babies through to the elderly and even during pregnancy.  There are no adverse reactions or side effects associated with these vaccines."  Right.  Except if the person who is simply using the Homeopathic protection actually encounters the virus it is supposed to protect against.  The fact of the matter is this:  If there is no potential for harm from ingesting a "medicine", there can be NO method of action therefore it is not possible for it to provide any benefit.  (Misusing real medicine doesn't have the same effect.)

If you didn't read the article I referenced above, I suggest that you read it now