Monday, November 15, 2010

Joan Hall: Jesus Offers Hope for Today's Teens

Joan Hall, a resident of Sarnia, wrote a letter to the editor of The Sarnia Observer about Jesus and, in fine Observer form, they published it. (I swear they do this simply to entertain me.)


Sir: The Oct. 30 Observer article "Finding the Light," concerning "a spate of recent suicides," reminded me that back in 1963 (47 years ago) prayer (and God) was removed from the public schools.

Point made - only youth in public schools (and none in Catholic of Christian schools) commit suicide.  Oh? Maybe not?

Before 1963, chief problems with kids included talking, chewing gum, making noise, getting out of line, etc. After 1963, things escalated to the problems becoming rape, robbery, assault, murder, suicide, etc.

The absurdity of that statement is amazing.  No murders, assaults, robberies, rapes and suicides before 1963?  Shake your head.  And next are you going to tell us that before "god" came down to Moses, people didn't know not to kill and rape?  And how many people have committed suicide because of the oppression and subjugation brought on by people who believe in "god"?  Homophobia, oppression of women and out-group hostility are victimless crimes?

Did you know that when public schools were founded, the Bible was the main textbook? Also, Harvard, Yale and Princeton were all founded as Christian colleges for the purpose of teaching the Bible.

You talk about kids behaving badly and then mention the bible?  Time to stone the kids!  (Joan, please read your bible, it obviously doesn't say what you think it does.)  And who cares what Yale, Princeton, etc. were founded with/to do(never mind that you have your facts wrong)? Over 300 years ago, we didn't have "modern science".  The Universities have grown up - you should too.

There is an answer to the "light" that today's children/ teens are looking for. It is Jesus Christ.

And here I thought they didn't want light - I was thinking they wanted to be recognized as equal and valuable members of society.  Maybe people do yearn for people to call them sinners and sick and abominations and they simply also need Jesus Christ to be invoked when all that happens (as if that isn't the reason for a good portion of it already).  Thank you, Joan.  Your logic is perfect.

Do you wonder why young and old alike are lost, confused, depressed with no reason to live? They have no hope.

I wonder if that is because they've prayed and prayed and prayed and have never had a prayer answered?  They've been lied to all their lives about the existence of some sky-fairy who will look after them when they need help and now, in times when they need help, he's not there (and never has been).

Jesus is the answer. He will enter into your life -just ask Him.

Jesus?  Still nothing.

Jesus offers and gives hope. But you have to go to Him. He's always waiting.
-- Joan Hall


Anonymous said...

Isnt the greatest argument against homosexuality based on the bible?
Isnt the bullying because of homophobia what caused some of these youth to kill themselves?
Isnt that enough of an argument against religion and the bible?

NathanColquhoun said...

Skeptic, you and I should write in letters together. I'll do it if you do it, team up, come at it from both angles.

Anonymous said...

What are the two different angles? Without speaking for the author of the blog...

Any belief derived from an ancient text that is contrary to what we actually know and accept should be discarded. Slavery is wrong. Oppression is wrong. Restricting equal rights is wrong.

WRT Joan Hall...
God/Jebus/Prayer need(s) to be kept out of public schools. Ignoring the facts does not validate a point. Murders, suicides, rapes, robberies, and assaults were prevalent before 1963. Media sensationalism does not change the numbers or percentages but does change the perception. Your perception does not make it reality and reality is counter to your claims.

WRT Association...
If the case could be made that murders, suicides, assaults, rapes, and robberies were less common prior to 1967 we can not automatically assume that it was the result of prayer being in the classroom. Since 1967 childhood mortality rates have dropped. Since 1967 the average human lifespan has lengthened. Since 1967 polio has been nearly eradicated. Since 1967 small pox has been eradicated. Getting prayer out of the classroom seems to have contributed substantially to the overall well-being of humans. AKA post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Smile. Your god is indifferent to you.