Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hold your false look of surprise: Robbie lied

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Well, the publication ban has been lifted on the Tori Stafford case and, as suspected, Robbie Thomas was NOT involved in solving that crime (he has never solved a crime using his claimed psychic abilities).

Details also show that, not only was Robbie not involved in solving the crime, he (as mentioned here and on actually told the family that Tori was alive and would be found alive and well - about a week after she was brutally murdered.

April 8 - Tori goes missing. (Abducted)
April 8 - Abductors buy garbage bags and a hammer.
April 8 - Lifeless body is disposed of.
April 13 - Robbie Thomas claims (on X-Zone radio) that Tori Stafford would be found alive and safe. (He also told the family this as was reported in the London Free Press and other websites)

I will make a prediction now.  Robbie Thomas' solved cases counter will not change in the next 9 years.  Robbie Thomas has solved 0 cases in 18 (or 20) years.  A perfect record!

If you have a moment, congratulate Robbie - (and, if you do, carbon copy us -


RealityinSarnia said...

Why did they do it? Who actually did it and what else happened to that little innocent girl. Still a lot of questions unanswered.

I know absolutely that Robert Poulton aka, Robbie Thomas doesn't know these answers either because he is not psychic. There are no real psychics.

CHTS said...

What Robbie is trying to do, is hook up with ANY case that will give him publicity. He also likes to say he solved Canadian crimes because the Americans do not know much about them, and believe Robbie.

If publicity was not his goal, and his true motives were to help the families - he would not publish his accounts (false or otherwise) and he would not use the names of the victims in his adverts for tours, book signings etc.

His past tour this summer took him to three different families to solve the crimes.

Can you guess how many of those crimes he solved?

You guessed it.


He once again used the families to further his agenda of selling more books and possibly making a TV deal (although the TV deal has not worked out - he was involved in trying to rip off several people including Brian Harnois of TAPS and of course, his own manager - who dumped him.)

The fact is Robbie Thomas is SELF-PUBLISHED and is a lies not only to the public but himself and his family. He seeks fame and fortune.

So far, he has none.

In the case of Tori Stafford the police indicate he did not help them. He left BUSINESS CARDS on the doorstep of the mother's house in her time of grief and vigorously went after family members until an aunt decided to contact him. He provided no information except false hope and was exposed on National radio as a fraud.

During his Psychic Justice Tour he said that the father of Tori Stafford would be on hand to support him. The person helping him conduct the Psychic Justice Tour, Carrie Pierce was told he would be available. Guess what?

The father doesn't know Robbie and said he would never work with a fraud like him.

Carrie Pierce later found out the whole Psychic Justice tour was a fraud and was aimed at soaking its victims of cash. She had a falling out with Robbie.

The Psychic Justice Tour featured a speech about how Robbie Thomas saved the day with Tori Stafford and helped police.

However, this is all fiction in the mind of a little man trying to be someone he is not.

Do your own research and you will find that NO CASE WAS SOLVED BY ROBBIE THOMAS. NOT ONE.