Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is your Power Balance wristband wearing out? Get a refund.

Okay, so your Power Balance bracelet never worked in the first place:

"Power Balance slammed by ACCC for misleading wristbands"

(To save you from having to read the 5 lines that I didn't quote...)

"All users who purchased the wristbands can now get a full refund if they feel they've been misled".

"Power Balance has admitted that there is no credible scientific basis for the claims and therefore no reasonable grounds for making representations about the benefits of the product."

"Consumers should be wary of other similar products on the market that make unsubstantiated claims, when they may be no more beneficial than a rubber band."

(Funny thing about this article is right below it (for me anyway), I see an ad for: "Pure Energy Bands Canada" - - a site that is selling the same bullshit.  They are making unsubstantiated claims that are not supported by reality.  Time for a complaint?)


Anonymous said...

I have had my power balance braclet for three years and I must say I am very happy with the results it is giving me. It balances my powers equally. Just last week I wanted to murder my boss, but the power balance bracelet provided just enough white-light power to lower my aggression. Instead, with the help of my power balance bracelet, I smashed his face.

Anonymous said...

I was court ordered to not wear my Power Balance bracelet because if I got in a fight they would consider me to be using excessive force. That is something I couldn't achieve without my Power Balance.