Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stop Robbie Thomas and Accommodationism

I have blogged, in the past, about accommodationism as it relates to evolution acceptance. I'm not an accomodationist and I don't think we should be afraid to recognize that acceptance of evolution does undermine many religious beliefs.

However, my reference to accommodationism in this entry is related to our goal, at www.stoprobbie.com, to get Robbie Thomas to change his lying and abusing ways. In the past few weeks, we have been contacted by people who would be willing to help our 'cause' with Robbie Thomas/Police/Crimestoppers but my skewering of their beliefs (on other topics) make them hesitant to take part.

A couple of the other contributors to the site had pointed out the complaints and concerns and wondered what we should do about it. Rather than have this issue discussed on www.stoprobbie.com, I thought I'd talk about it here.

First of all, yes, I'm a skeptic and an atheist. Yes, I have attacked the firmly held beliefs of almost everyone (we all hold to at least a couple truly whacky ideas) and I'm not about to stop.

Robbie Thomas is a liar - he does not have psychic powers and he has never solved a missing persons or murder case using paranormal methods. I despise his activities as they relate to abusing already victimized families and I think that the goal of www.stoprobbie.com is admirable. I joined the group because I truly wanted to help - it does bother me that, possibly, the group is not getting the support it needs because of my other activities.

However, I am not going to apologize for them. I'm not sorry if something I said was counter to your firmly held beliefs - whether it be reflexology, homeopathy, reiki, therapeutic touch, chiropractic, creationism, psychics, ear candling, other altmed practices, any other anti-science or even god. My goal, here, is to encourage critical thinking, increase the understanding of logical fallacies and to promote science. Your woo-woo is fair game.

Note: I don't spend much time blogging about homeopathy and other pure stupid on stoprobbie.com - I could see it being a problem if that were the case.

If you can't be bothered to help stop the abuse by a psychic because you don't share my skeptical views on other topics, it is you that is in the wrong. Robbie Thomas is causing real harm and your inaction is only allowing him to continue doing so.

What do you think? Should I part ways with the group? Will it get broader support without me? You can post your thoughts in the comments, email me at sarniaskeptic@gmail.com or email the group at emailus@stoprobbie.com. Your input, either way, is truly appreciated.


RealityinSarnia said...

You should keep contributing to www.stoprobbie.com but only about Robbie (Poulton) Thomas. One can not separate psychic woo woo from the belief in an afterlife or a god and that is probably the problem with our Sarnian delusional police force.

I just saw on the news, Stephen Harper singing John Lennon's "Imagine". Obviously, he doesn't understand the meaning of the song or he is trying to win over us atheists. I will not be voting for him (conservatives). Hoping we get a Pirate Party candidate to run in Sarnia Lambton riding.

Anonymous said...

That psychics often refer to god in their schtick is quite interesting. My mother raised me to believe that psychics and palmists were heretics and satanic because the bible told her so.
I am familiar with the suggestion being made about your contribution to Robbie's site and I feel maybe it is not that you are part of the site. From how I heard the outreach request came from you. Maybe if others in the group were the ones contacting people this discussion would not be happening. I will e-mail both of you.

Anonymous said...

Sarnia Skeptic, you and I clearly differ in our beliefs but your continued action towards a person like Robbie Thomas is to be commended. Please keep up the good work and continue in assisting families like mine and stop this fraud from abusing others!

Kathy Caughlin/Unsolved Homicide Survivor