Friday, April 29, 2011

Chiropractors are not real doctors

A number of people who email me about my blog want me to "take on" chiropractic "more" - and I can surely understand their reasoning.  I have blogged about chiropractors and the lack of evidence to support their claims and I have received a number of comments (from both sides) regarding those posts. 

First of all, there are "good" chiropractors out there - though, in Sarnia, the number is probably closer to how many you can count on one finger than on one hand. 

Chiropractors should NEVER EVER EVER be considered as your primary care "Doctor" - they aren't real doctors.  Most have received extremely limited science based training and most have never received any training in diagnosing disease.  They aren't doctors and the title "Dr" before their name is misleading to many.  I get that and I understand the strong desire for me to blog about chiropractors (let's not forget that YOU could easily set-up your own blog and explain the problems with chiropractic - I needn't be a lone voice in this) but I'm cautiously optimistic that people are coming to understand that Chiropractic (for the most part - and by most, I mean, MOST) is silly (and can be dangerous).

With all that said, this story is disturbing (not all that uncommon - we just don't have investigative press, locally, to expose the scammers in Sarnia): "We Were 'Duped' by Chiropractor's Ads".  When they try to hide the fact that they are chiropractors is another whole story.

Jeffrey Needham, in Sarnia, who is not a doctor, has made extremely dubious claims himself and has been forced to remove a number of claims from his website.  I have blogged about his "feature" in a book.

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Unknown said...

I'm not sure what a "good" chiropracter would be. One that immediately refers to a real doctor?