Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homeopathy Awareness Week

Now that Homeopathy Awareness Week has come to an end, I thought I'd let Homeopaths in on the big secret - people use homeopathy because they aren't aware of what it really is.

I see homeopathy awareness week, really, as counter-productive for those hoping, really, to avoid the truth.

Almost without fail, when you ask someone about homeopathy, they make reference to 'natural' and 'herbs'. I am not going to tackle the misapplication of the word 'natural' here (natural includes: influenza, feces, anthrax, lead, mercury) or what benefits might be derived from 'herbs' because homeopathy is not about that.

Often, homeopathy claims to use the very 'toxins' (don't get me started on that word) that the 'natural' 'pushers' are so against. I say 'claims' because almost all homeopathic preparations don't include even a molecule of the supposed active ingredients.

So, yes, I fully support homeopathy awareness week - we need to make people aware of homeopathy including:
- the active ingredient is diluted beyond the point of actually being present
- there is not a single large scale RCT that shows homeopathy to be any better than placebo
- it is just water
- it goes against almost all understandings in modern science
- to accept that 'water has memory' would require some evidence for such a claim (none exists but plenty of evidence exists to show that that is not the case)
- if water did have memory, how does it forget all the pooh it has had in it?
- a treatment that works also works whether or not you believe in it (homeopathy doesn't work even if you believe in it)
- just because it is sold (legally) doesn't mean that it has been tested for efficacy OR safety (ask Gary Null)

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