Friday, December 9, 2011

Call in the authorities: Michelle Duggar kills baby

Okay, maybe she didn't kill the baby, maybe the baby committed suicide.  One of them is definitely going to hell.

I had to point out this (really sad - even if you disagree with people literally fulfilling the requirement to "go forth and multiply") story to give some perspective on the inanity that is being labeled as "personhood".  The religious right is trying to push through legislation to define the beginning of life at conception which would, ultimately, make it illegal (a felony) to have an abortion (which is their ultimate goal anyway).  But would that same legislation bring about the need for an investigation into the death of every unborn fetus, embryo, morula and zygote?  Surely it would - a miscarriage is simply an abortion by another name.

If Michelle's body terminated the pregnancy, is she responsible, criminally, for its death?  If the pregnancy self-aborted, does the unborn baby's soul go to hell to suffer eternal punishment for committing suicide? 

"Personhood" legislation is stupid - life does not begin at conception - regardless of what your beliefs are about abortion.

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RealityinSarnia said...

Actually, at conception the cells are alive already, aren't they?