Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's All Natural, It Must Be Safe!

This post is rather short and came about because of a recent wave of "all natural colon cleanse" products being pushed. This isn't about colon cleansing or the like - the experts can talk specifically about them - it is about a lack of critical thinking.

With a serious push on "saving the environment" and limiting the effects of global climate change, marketers have further increased their promotion of "natural" products.

It makes sense that one would assume that something that is "natural" is safe and good for the environment.

That isn't, however, the case. It is not my intention to pick apart claims or to tell you what to think, I hope you'll think for yourself (think critically) and be skeptical.

The easiest way to dismantle the "natural" argument is to simply name other chemicals/products that occur naturally. Would you consider ingesting the following?


Consider also the number of poisonous plants, fungi and bacteria and the numerous fish, insects and reptiles that would kill you if enough is ingested.

Simply being "natural" does not make it safe. The next time someone says "it's natural", let's hope it isn't anthrax they're offering you.

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