Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's not just wrong, it's really wrong

For those who have read through my blog postings, you probably understand that I have a strong desire to tackle the myths and lies that are put forward by the individuals, media and organizations (including churches/religions). This often results in me addressing their claims or points - and, obviously, with no effect as B.S. continues to pile at our door.

Other bloggers take different and equally (if not more) important approaches to the troubles that false beliefs can bring us. One particular blogger, with his new "series" of posts on Christians Behaving Badly, C Woods ( touches on how the "more moral" Christians show their "morality".

Take a moment and stop by his blog - it isn't religion bashing but intelligent discussion.


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C Woods said...

Thanks for referring readers to my blog. The only problem with my "Christians Behaving Badly" series (which can change to Jews, Muslims, or any other religious group behaving badly) is that there are so many examples that I won't be able to keep up. And, of course, I have all of history to cover, if I would run out of fairly current incidents.

By the way, I have a VERY long list of freethought resources on my blog. Small Town Skepticism is included.