Friday, March 13, 2009

For entertainment only

I'm often questioned about my criticism for the "paranormal" by people who say "it's for entertainment only". I only wish that were the case.

Typically the person who says "I only go to a psychic for fun" will also follow that up with "but there are some things that the psychic said that were right on". People do take psychics seriously (and they should because the psychic is taking them, seriously).

If a psychic has such powers, why are they asking you for $20 or $25 or $50 or $60 (whatever they charge) when they could do a couple simple things, with these supposed abilities, and make millions? The short (and only) answer is: They don't possess paranormal powers.

Two things they could do to make a million (or more):
1.) Predict the winning numbers of a lottery. (Why do you never see "psychic wins lottery"?)
2.) Be subjected to a double-blind test and get $1 million for demonstrating paranormal ability.

Yes, that is being pretty simple. We all know that psychic powers can't be used for evil (like taking money from a lottery corporation) and that the powers fail under scrutiny (they still have the psychic powers but they just can't be tested).

There is nobody in the world with true psychic ability. They may be able to talk to the dead (that's easy), but the dead is not talking back to them (that's the hard part). They can't predict your future (heck, they can't even predict their own - should they need to put a "closed/open" sign at their shop - wouldn't they know when people would be coming?), they can't heal the sick and they can't bring you wealth (they count on you to bring them wealth).

I write all of this because in 5 months, our community will be filled with quack-jobs and woo-woo salespeople - a paranormal conference is going to be held in Point Edward. I am troubled that, especially at a time like this, people will fall for their lies and give up their hard-earned money.

I am also troubled that our Mayor (City of Sarnia) will be speaking at the conference. I understand that the Mayor should welcome conferences, etc., to our community but 1.) Point Edward is not Sarnia, and 2.) he should not be legitimizing scammers. It wouldn't hurt to email Mike Bradley (Mayor, City of Sarnia) and let him know that you think it is a bad idea to take part in this event.

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C Woods said...

I have so many friends who are highly intelligent people, but they buy into horoscopes and auras and crystals. I was taken on a vortex tour in Sedona by one of them. She couldn't believe I couldn't 'feel' anything ---except hot and thirsty. As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

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