Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cleaning off my desktop

As I was sitting waiting to meet with a client, I decided to clean off my desktop and came across the following banner.

Almost every week on Freethought Radio (a podcast from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, http://www.ffrf.org/), you get to hear a quote from Mark Twain - one that I think is really characteristic of belief. As part of their advertising campaign (like the http://www.atheistbus.ca/, etc.), they have a number of banners and this one was saved on my desktop.

They have a number of others that you can view/download at their site ffrf.org.


Anonymous said...

Should put that on the billboard beside that biblical phrase at Christina and Davis in Sarnia!

C Woods said...

Twain in one of my favorite authors. check out my blog posts, I just posted the last of five called "Wisdom of Mark Twain." You can find the first one here: Twain, Mark - Misc. Part 1

I have hundreds more Twain quotations, but most of these are related to religion or religious skepticism.

For more, check my right sidebar under Post Categories, then Famous Freethinkers. I have 9 Mark Twain posts in all.

If you are interested and nearby, there is a Twain conference in Elmira NY in August: Twain, Mark - 2009 Conference
Registration deadline is 7/27/09. (The next one will be held in 2013.)

Anonymous said...

There is a religious billboard on London line too