Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Psychic Fails to Predict Car Accident

With the "paranormal conference" about to take over Point Edward, it seems fitting to talk about a psychic at the local Ribfest this past weekend.

On Saturday, before heading to the festival to charge people who wish to be lied to, the psychic approached a traffic light (red), stopped and then headed through the red light. The person (my friend) coming through the intersection with the green light collides with her. (She claimed she thought the light was a 4-way stop. I guess she didn't predict that the officer wouldn't care what she thought it was.)

It's a shame that psychics are a sham or she could have saved herself some hassle, some money and some time (and saved my friend's car!).


corunna skeptic said...

I'm just glad that I haven't heard Sue Storr have any more pyshic scam artists on the radio. It's quite pathetic listening to grown adults call in to talk to someone they think has special powers.

sarniaskeptic said...

It wasn't too long ago that K106.3 had a psychic on who was set-up in the Harbourfront Inn...

Sadly, people are paying to be lied too but many of them believe what they're being told.

Thanks for stopping by!

sherwoodskeptic said...

I found your site a couple of months ago, and have been dropping in regularly since, but this is my first opportunity to comment. Good to find a skeptic site with a local point of view. Keep up the good work.
I recall an interview Robbie Thomas had with Sue Storr a couple of years ago. An elderly gentleman called in to say something to the effect of "I listen to and enjoy your show every day Sue, but this is just kiddie stuff!"
I don't understand why Storr had no "tough" questions for Thomas. She just seemed to accept all the bullshit being fed to her.

sarniaskeptic said...

It is unfortunate that there aren't enough people like Johnny Carson who are interested in debunking crap.

I suspect that there is some sort of agreement that the host won't imply that the guest is full of crap - the "psychic" could be paying for the opportunity to be on the show, even.

It's nice to see other local people who are interested in skepticism - I'll try to pick up my activity on the blog now that I'm back to my regular job.