Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guarantee yourself a spot in a place that doesn't exist

In Sarnia (and a few other communities in Southwestern Ontario) there have been billboards installed with bible quotes with a website listed at the bottom that promises a place in heaven. It is mildly amusing to the rest of us to see people proudly proclaiming actual belief in mythology but it is bothersome that we, as doubters, are not given equal opportunity at promoting non-belief.

The www.atheistbus.ca campaign has run into a number of roadblocks as it relates to the installation of advertising that supports the almost certainty that there are no gods so it comes as a surprise to the rest of us to see such blatant religious propaganda.

As a freethinker, I do not believe in gods, psychics, seers, ghosts or in falsities such as a world-wide flood, a 6000 year old earth, a man living in a giant fish or in magic underwear. I don't believe in heavens or a hell, afterlife or reincarnation and I definitely don't think that doing something right in hopes of an eternal reward makes you a good person. A good person would do what is right simply because it is right - and for no other reason.

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