Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paul Morden Gets It Right: There is no God

Paul Morden is a reporter at our local paper, The Sarnia Observer. He recently posted a column about being too lazy to get the H1N1 vaccine. As much as I can understand the lack of desire for people to wait in line to get the flu shot, unlike the virus itself, the wait won't potentially kill you.

In Paul's column, he speaks about being able to get anywhere in our city in about 10 minutes. We don't have much traffic (though right now, we have lots of construction) and our pedestrian traffic hardly slows turns at intersections. He says "We treat having to wait for a pedestrian to clear an intersection, when we want to turn, like a supreme travesty of justice, or just one more piece of evidence that there is no God."

I agree with Paul that "God" almost certainly does not exist. And, if having to wait for a pedestrian is another piece of evidence, you'd need a helicopter to get that piece of evidence to the top of the pile.

Thank you, Paul, for being a skeptic when it comes to religion and thank you, again, for not making my wait for the vaccine another person longer. However, I hope laziness isn't what ends up killing you.

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