Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If psychics could actually find missing people...

Dave Jones rightfully asks why a group like National Center for Missing and Exploited Children wouldn't have psychics on payroll.

This is a recent letter to the editor of our local paper in response to Robbie Thomas' "Psychic Justice Tour"'s coverage in the same paper.

Sir:Re: "Psychic profiler launches national tour" (The Observer, Jan. 20, 2010) Robbie Thomas will embark on his "Psychic Justice Tour" soon. It will be interesting to observe the increase in solved cases city by city as the tour progresses. Mr. Thomas calls himself a "psychic criminal pro-filer." Criminal profiling is a method used by trained, experienced people to help identify offenders using information gathered regarding a crime. It is utilized in many investigations by people with no professed psychic powers. I doubt whether Thomas has the background to give himself this title. Mr. Thomas states that the people he offers to help are curious. No, I would think stressed, frantic and often vulnerable are better descriptions. Assistance, however unconventional, is often welcomed when a family member is missing or a murder unsolved. I do find it commendable that he donate part of the proceeds-to-a fine organization, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The ironic part is why doesn't this organization (or police forces) have psychics on their payroll? I think we know why not. In closing, I might also remind Mr. Thomas that our local community still has a number of unsolved crimes.-- Dave Jones Sarnia

It truly is nice to see people willing to pick apart the disgusting and abhorrent acts of "psychics" preying on people during, possibly, the darkest moments of their lives. Robbie Thomas is not a psychic and he should be ashamed of himself.

(Oh, and one of my favourite Canadians, Christopher diCarlo, is featured in an article by the Guelph Mercury about debunking psychics. Enjoy!)


Sherwoodskeptic said...

Good article, Sarnia Skeptic. We should all speak out more when we encounter woo.
I do have a question that I hope you or your other readers can help with. I can't find any reference to the Archie, husband of Cheryl Flynn, mentioned in the Sarnia This Week article. Archie has been missing since sometime in the late 1990's, yet I can find no information about him. Does anyone remember this case or know anything about it?

sarniaskeptic said...

Sherwoodskeptic: Don't be surprised if it is simply something that Robbie is just making up - it wouldn't be the first time.