Friday, January 15, 2010

Robbie Thomas: Admit it when you're lying

My good friend Robbie Thomas is not a psychic (nobody is) but he is willing to exploit people for personal gain. With that out of the way, I must say "thank you" to a visitor of this blog "sherwoodskeptic" for his great idea.

I'm considering, on sherwoodskeptic's suggestion, developing a "widget" that counts the "successes" of Robbie Thomas on his new "Psychic Justice North America Tour" which extends all the way from Sarnia to Toronto. Just as he redefines "help" (when referring to "helping" in criminal cases), maybe he is redefining the term "North American".

On second thought, I don't need to develop a widget, I will MANUALLY update the counter (If Robbie is as good as he claims (he isn't), this is going to be a huge burden on me and my family to increase the counter of successes every time Robbie Thomas solves a murder. It won't, I'm sure, interrupt any of my vacation plans.).

As a side note, I wonder why Robbie Thomas doesn't ever do a citizen's arrest on murderers and child abductors. Heck, we'll do a scale - we'll give him double credit when he brings the criminals, himself, to the police station for arrest - but I digress.

Just for posterity, the "fine print" on Robbie Thomas' site states: (go there for yourself, everyone needs to see what a scumbag looks like -

The information provided by Robbie Thomas on crime cases is meant to replace proper police investigations, but rather only to assist such investigation by offering potentially new insights on said cases. Families are encouraged to take Robbie’s information to their case investigator. (Emphasis is mine.) Update: Robbie Thomas or one of his followers must be visiting my blog - they've since corrected the "fine print". That's good news 'cause they'll be around, then, to make sure my "cases solved" widget is kept up-to-date (ie. make sure it still says 0(zero)).

I'm sure that the dimwit who put together Robbie's site simply mistyped. They probably also mistyped when they said that he was "accurate" with predictions or that he "helped solve" cold cases. What the fine print does say, however, is that the police don't (at least not often) call Robbie Thomas for his "help" - he relies on you (the suffering family) to give the false leads to the police yourself. What better thing to do then to put the burden of sending police on a wild goose chase on the family with a lost loved one?

Robbie Thomas, you are a liar, a fraud and a cheat unless you can prove that 1.) psychic abilities exist and 2.) that you possess them. Go collect your million bucks or admit you're a liar.

(Note: The Robbie Thomas Solved Cases counter is live - just to the left near the top of this page!)

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